What's New?

Bookshare Release Notes

Bookshare has a new version released approximately every three weeks; this page will be used to learn about key new features or changes that matter to you.

Bookshare 5.5.0 (January 23rd, 2018)

This release included:

  • Made improvements in handling duplicate books in the collection
  • Made improvements to accessibility and design of sign up process
  • Added two new categories: Study Tools and Technology
  • Improved categorization of books based on BISAC categorizations 
  • Resolved crash bug in Go Read

Bookshare 5.4.15 (December 19th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Overhauled the Individual Member and Organization registration process

Bookshare 5.4.14 (November 21st, 2017)

This release included:

  • Released Word as a downloadable format, process to convert the existing library to this format began
  • Enhanced download options to better reflect available formats
  • Improved the Bookshare Search to better handle author name variations

Bookshare 5.4.13 (October 31st, 2017)

This release included:

  • Back-end improvements increasing reliability and information in a system core database
  • Enhanced the Bookshare API to allow better access to Reading Lists in future partner applications
  • Increased book distribution system stability and error reporting.

Bookshare 5.4.12 (October 10th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Enhanced Bookshare search to better support partial terms
  • Released the updated Browse by Author page to better assist members in finding books that interest them
  • Enhanced support for Special Collections, displaying more information and allowing sorting options

Bookshare 5.4.11 (September 19th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Enhanced the Book Request Form process to better illustrate books that are already in our collection. 
  • Added information to the Add Books search function for reading lists
  • Opened Beta testing for Word as a format

Bookshare 5.4.10 (August 29th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Upgraded the Organizational Membership roster upload process
  • Resolved various bugs with mass member functions on the Organizational Membership roster
  • Enhanced the subscribe functionality for searching and subscribing to Special Collections or Organizationally shared Reading Lists

Bookshare 5.4.9 (August 8th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Enhanced book searches to include ISBN number in both List and Table view
  • Enhanced the Organizational Member and Sponsor rosters with additional filters, icons for common actions added at the top, and various bug fixes related to roster performance
  • Enhanced the Reading List UI allowing for additional sorting and better information on search results

Bookshare 5.4.8 (July 19th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Enhanced special collections to allow members to subscribe directly to collections of their choice
  • Enhanced the Reading List view for sponsors giving member counts
  • Relabeled Assign Books button to Add Books for consistency
  • Enhanced the Organizational Member roster, removed an issue that might cause the page to time out

Bookshare 5.4.7 (June 27th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Expanded support for Bookshare cover art including better support for updating or changing the art
  • Enhanced the Bookshare search to better reflect preferred language 
  • Overhauled the Bookshare special collections, members can now subscribe to a collection for easier access
  • Added special collection discoverability to Book Detail pages allowing members to quickly find other Special Collections the book is in
  • Enhanced the user interface for Bookshare site visitors to better match the member experience
  • Upgraded the Bookshare database to increase performance and data security

Bookshare 5.4.6 (June 6th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Further optimization of the Bookshare search to help members find their books faster and easier
  • Enhanced the roster management functions for sponsors to streamline the assigning books process
  • Improvement and expansion of Cover Images 
  • Completed back-end work to redesign the special collections

Bookshare 5.4.5 (May 17th, 2017)

This release included:

Bookshare 5.4.4 (April 25th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Continued refinement of the Bookshare Quick Search to better help members find the books they're interested in
  • Adjusted the refine search section of the search results screen to increase usability
  • Increased the performance of our ePub 3 conversions impacting both the Bookshare Web Reader and ePub 
  • Added Audio as a download format option for Organizational Members
  • Removed support for Songbird

Bookshare 5.4.3 (April 4th, 2017)

This release included:

  • Additional improvements on the search results page including improvements to browsing categories and related authors
  • Expanded sources for cover images for displaying in the Book Details page
  • Added publisher: Zondervan
  • Improved handling of related ISBN information
  • Improved conversion process to EPUB 3 to better match standards

Bookshare 5.4.2 (March 20th, 2017)

This release included:

  • A redesign of the Bookshare Header to improve accessibility
  • An improvement of the Bookshare Search results to provide better usability
  • A general improvement to how Bookshare presents pages within lists of books
  • Book cover art will now be available on book detail pages for books with covers available.  More covers to come soon.
  • Student access members now have more independance with the ability to download additional formats from the website directly
  • Improved functions for identifying and automatically removing duplicate books
  • Added publishers: Russell Sage, Springer

Bookshare 5.4.1 (February 22nd, 2017)

This release included:

  • Updated the book detail page with a new, simplified layout
  • Added pagination for reading lists to better support lists over 250 titles
  • Added the downloads report for all sponsors on the My Bookshare page
  • Added publishers Manchester University Press and Springer
  • Began trial run for supporting cover images on a select few titles

Bookshare 5.4.0 (January 31st, 2017)

This release included:

  • Began work to store and display book cover images and update the book detail UI
  • Updated categorization processes to better categorize new books
  • Added ability to search for specific reading lists in the subscribe to a reading list process

Bookshare 5.3.14 (January 2nd, 2017)

This release included:

  • Added the ability for Reading Lists to be copied
  • Modified the Reading List page to add easy to use icons for most functions
  • Changed the Read Now link to be more prominent on search results and book detail pages
  • Slightly changed the process for deleting members on a roster for sponsors

Bookshare 5.3.13 (December 16th, 2016)

This release included:

  • Initial infrastructure for supporting MathML within the back end of Bookshare
  • Fixed issues with the Web Reader settings window
  • Continued expansion of the Bookshare API for our app developers
  • Added additional publishing partners: The Basque Publishers, Taylor & Frances

Bookshare 5.3.12 (November 15th, 2016)

This release included:

  • Transitioned to a new host to improve stability
  • Added additional API functionality for our app developers
  • Added a new publisher partner, MacMillian Learning

Bookshare 5.3.11 (October 25th, 2016)

This release included:

  • Added EPUB 3 as a downloadable format for all Bookshare books!
  • Updated Liblouis, improving BRF translations.
  • Made various accessibility improvements to the Member and Sponsor rosters.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the copyright dates for NYU Press and Wiley books, correct copyright dates should now appear on search results.
  • Improved back end tracking of book download errors, allowing for better troubleshooting in the future.

Bookshare 5.3.10 (October 4th, 2016)

This release included:

  • Officially made Beeline Reader available for all Bookshare members.
  • Upgrades to the Reading Lists, now members assigned Reading Lists will always know which Bookshare Sponsor assigned them to the list.
  • Various upgrades to our book ingestion process including fixing a rare issue that impacted how pages were numbered, improved handling of additional page content, and began work to ingest MathML into our library.
  • Fixed an issue that could impact our server stability when handling large BRF files.
  • Added the University of Illinois publisher to the collection.
  • Added support for 12 new Indian languages for book ingestion.

Bookshare 5.3.9 (September 13th, 2016)

This release included:

  • Added two new publishing partners: Jessica Kingsley and Gallaudet University Press.
  • Expanded a Bookshare Sponsor's ability to assign students to Reading Lists they've subscribed to.  These lists will now appear on the Reading List options available to Sponsors on their Member roster.
  • Added an option for all members and Bookshare sponsors to export their download history to a CSV file.  This includes the Organization Download report available to Primary Contacts.
  • Increased compatibility of EPUB 3 with our book ingestion process to allow for even more books to smoothly be added to Bookshare from our publishing partners.
  • Increased the stability and performance of our download process to make downloads ready faster and resolve some issues users may have experienced with hanging downloads.

Bookshare 5.3.8 (August 24th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Sharing Reading Lists between Sponsors within an Organization
  • Adding a process flow for Sponsors to quickly assign books to their members called "Assign and Read"
  • Updated the behind the scenes system that provides the DAISY Text and BRF downloads to resolve some issues our members may have experienced
  • And many other small bug fixes

Bookshare 5.3.7 (August 8th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Added button on reading list detail page to search for and add books to the list.
  • Increased functionality and stability of the system that ingests and processes of publisher books.
  • Added several new features for public beta test, for more information see Help Us "Beta test"

Bookshare 5.3.6 (July 12th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Created a new process for logged in Bookshare members to change their password online
  • Added or improved publisher feeds: Norton, Princeton, New Leaf, David C Cook, University of Ottawa, Natl Academies Press, Open Road, Rutgers University Press, Thomas Nelson, University of California
  • Improved the sponsor UI: added new edit links next to the names on rosters, improved the add member window
  • Improved the upload member process for sponsors to allow for setting usernames and passwords of new members
  • Added a new table view for reading lists
  • Squashed a bug involving special characters in books downloaded through the API

Bookshare 5.3.5 (June 21st, 2016)

This released focused on:

  • The overall internal stability of Bookshare
  • Several key updates and functions were added to the Bookshare back-end to help us monitor key processes

Bookshare 5.3.4 (June 1st, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • New or improved publisher feeds into the collection: Cornell University Press, Duke University Press, Harvard Business Press, MIT Press, New York University Press, Simon & Schuster
  • Enhanced the stability of Bookshare Web Reader
  • Continued efforts to improve internal automated testing and logging to improve our internal processes

Bookshare 5.3.3 (May 10th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Improved stability and performance of the Bookshare Bookshare Web Reader
  • New or improved publisher feeds in the collection: Venkat, Independent Publisher Group, Elsevier, University of Chicago
  • Made UEB the default BRF format for new Bookshare members
  • Enhanced our automated testing to better our internal processes

Bookshare 5.3.2 (April 19th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Updated the reading list creation process with new instructions and process
  • Identified and squashed a bug in the book collection process

Bookshare 5.3.1 (March 30th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Enhancing the process for books entering the collection to retain more information
  • Streamlined the sign-up process
  • Squashed some rare bugs impacting some users

Bookshare 5.3.0 (March 8th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Improved password security, requiring new or updated passwords to be 8-characters and a mix of letters and numbers
  • Enhanced or New Publisher feeds to the collection: University of Michigan, Perseus, MacMillan

Bookshare 5.2.15 (February 16th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • Improved "My Bookshare" pages to display more current information to Individual Members, Organizational Members (students), Organizational Sponsors (educators).
  • New Publisher feeds to the collection: Olivia Kimbrell Press, University of Minnesota Press, Sage India

Bookshare 5.2.14 (January 26th, 2016)

This release focused on:

  • New views of support requests - pending and complete
  • Security audits and fixes

Bookshare 5.2.13 (January 5th, 2016)

This release focused on:

Bookshare 5.2.12 (December 8th, 2015)

This release focused on:

  • UEB as a member format preference
  • Final testing of new version of Go Read (our free Android app)

Bookshare 5.2.11 (November 19th, 2015)

This release focuses on some enhancements for Organizations, and more titles from Publishers. UEB Beta testing continues as does Beeline Reader with Web Reader. Please contact Beta@bookshare.org with questions.

  • UK Organizations now have new organization types
  • UK Organizational Members now can be tagged with UK grade levels
  • More titles coming into the collection from Penguin, Harvard University Press and Mondadori (Spanish titles)

Bookshare 5.2.10 (October 27th, 2015)

This release celebrates the 1-year anniversary of the new website, and also offers some improvements for students using their login.  UEB Beta testing continues as does Beeline Reader with Web Reader. Please contact Beta@bookshare.org to participate.

  • Improved Advanced Search:
    • Pick multiple categories to "fine-tune" your search. For example "Animals" plus "Outdoors" now results in those titles that match both categories (not either category)
    • Wondering what titles are available in another country?  Select a country and see how many books are available to Bookshare members in countries around the globe.
  • Reminder that the "Top 100 Children's Picture Books" special collection is available, with all images described.
  • Bug fix on Student Usernames - please, no spaces, or students can't get books using their apps

Bookshare 5.2.9 (October 7th, 2015)

This release adds the option of using the BeeLine Reader in conjunction with Web Reader - if you or your student with a learning disability wants to be part of this free Beta testing, please contact Beta@bookshare.org

  • Members with Student Logins can search for and find titles from the NIMAC (but sponsors still need to put on reading list or kick off a download for that member)
  • BRF now available for books in more languages!  Bookshare now offers Braille for books in French, Danish, Chinese, German, Korean, and a host of other languages.
  • Fixes for several membership sign-up bugs

Bookshare 5.2.8 (September 15th, 2015)

This release we continued improving the reading experience for our members and have increased the ability for Primary Contacts to support their Organizations.

  • Enhanced Bookshare search, members can now search for books with images and/or image descriptions from the Advanced Search.
  • Increased privileges for Primacy Contacts on Bookshare Organizational Accounts, enpowering them to better assist their sponsors.
  • Added content to the My Bookshare page for both Sponsors and Students with Logins providing more useful links to resources.
  • Resolved some issues with Web Reader not opening properly with certain books.
  • Modified Bookshare Audio files so that book content starts in the 2nd audio file, with legal boilerplate on the first track.

Bookshare 5.2.7 (August 27th, 2015)

This release we continued work improving the User Interface and prepared ourselves further for UEB

  • Completely overhauled Sponsor pages for adding members streamlining the pages.
  • Completed backend updates requried for UEB, if you would like to participate in our UEB Beta email beta [at] www.bookshare.org.
  • Released update for Go Read resolving several bug fixes.

Bookshare 5.2.6 (August 5th, 2015)

This release we completed the user interface updates for the renewal process and began work updating our Braille conversions.

  • Completed major overhaul for the Individual Member renewal pages to provide better, more streamlined information.
  • Updated our Braille converter, Liblouis, to increase supported Braille languages and prepare for UEB.

Bookshare 5.2.5 (July 20th, 2015)

This release we made several improvements to our renewal process and expanded access to Bookshare for limited access members.

  • Completed a complete overhaul of the US student information update process including:
    • Increasing access for members to update school information at any time
    • Allowing students to remove school information to transition to a paid account
    • Allowing paid subscribers to add school information
  • Increased access to Bookshare content for members with limited access accounts
    • Added access for these accounts through the Bookshare API, members can now log into Bookshare Integrated applications.

Bookshare 5.2.4 (June 24th, 2015)

This release we made several user interface improvements for members regarding renewal of accounts, and continued work to expand Bookshare categories.

  • Added a feature to allow Bookshare Sponsors on US School Accounts to renew the accounts for students with accounts linked to their org.  
  • Began interface design work to improve the Individual Member renewal process.  
  • Began the work to categorize all existing Bookshare books.
  • Release an update for Go Read fixing several usability bugs.

Bookshare 5.2.3 (June 3rd, 2015)

This release we made several user interface improvements for members and released new versions of our mobile tools

  • Added better functionality to allow sponsors to edit names of existing members on their roster.
  • Continued streamlining the signup process.
  • Released update for Go Read to fix access for members.
  • Released major update for Read2Go that added better iOS 8 compatibility, a download queue, and several other minor bug fixes.

Bookshare 5.2.2 (May 12, 2015)

This release we made several improvements to the Bookshare collection and increase self service for Bookshare members.

  • All Bookshare members can now edit their own email address.
  • Streamlined several pages during the sign up process.
  • Made several improvements and bug fixes to Bookshare books with images and image descriptions.
  • Began process to expand categories offered within Bookshare and increase the number of books categorized.

Bookshare 5.2.1 (April 21, 2015)

This release we made several behind the scenes improvements to increase overall performance of the website and continued work on our signup process.

  • Streamlined the signup process for new Organizations making things easier for new Primary Contacts to get started.
  • Changed the logic for logging into Bookshare to help members get to the information they're looking for faster.
  • Increased overall performance of Reading Lists.

Bookshare 5.2.0 (April 2, 2015)

This release we have expanded access to Bookshare for our student and organizational members and simplified the signup process.  

  • Our student and organizational members can now log into Bookshare and access content assigned to them with our very popular Bookshare Web Reader.  For information on setting up a student access account, view our FAQ.

  • Our signup process has been simplified to allow all new Bookshare members to agree to our terms of use online.

Bookshare 5.1.0 (October 27, 2014)

This release is the first on our new platform.  We hope that you will enjoy the changes, and appreciate your patience as the site goes from "Beta" into full "Production" mode.

Some of the key improvements to the site as of this release are the following; you can also refer to the Bookshare Website Update FAQs page for more details.

  • Better information - improved navigation and simpler page information to help you use Bookshare.
  • My Bookshare - new personalized information page to help you manage your account, see your book history, download reading tools and more from one convenient place.
  • Improved Search - better results when using the standard search found on any page.
  • Updated Help Center - revamped Help Center with new FAQs, better organization and improved search to help you find the answers you need.
  • Training Center - revamped Training Center with access to new and updated training videos, tutorials, training resources, and brochures.
  • Get Involved - new section with information on how to connect with Bookshare’s vibrant volunteer, mentor teacher, parent ambassador and social media communities!

If you have questions about the site, please look through the Help Center first and see if you can discover the information you seek!   As always, if you have comments or ideas for improving the site, please provide this feedback or vote for other people's ideas on the Bookshare Product Forum page.