Who Does Not Qualify for Bookshare?

The 95% of the population who can pick up a book and read it (or could if they learned to read) do not qualify for Bookshare. The copyright exception exists to help the small number of people whose conditions have a major impact on their ability to read. Other people who probably do not qualify include:

  • People without disabilities
  • People who have not yet learned to read, but could
  • People who do not speak the language of material they want to read
  • People with disabilities that do not impact the ability to read (for example, most hearing and emotional disabilities)

Some people with these conditions might have an accompanying print-related condition that does qualify them for Bookshare. For example, someone who is both deaf and legally blind, or someone with a developmental disability and a learning disability, might qualify.

For more information, visit Bookshare Qualification page.