Why can't I get audio from Web Reader?

The text to speech function of our Web Reader is only available on the Chrome web browser version 23 or higher. To confirm your version of Chrome, type chrome://chrome/ into the address bar. 

If you are on a compatible version of Chrome and still not receiving audio, first verify sound is working on your computer: 

  • Speakers are plugged in and turned on 
  • Volume is not muted or turned down too low to hear 

Check the text-to-speech settings on your computer: 

  1. Select the Windows Start menu 
  2. Under search, enter “text to speech” 
  3. Select the Change Text to Speech Settings option 
  4. From the Voice Selection drop-down box, select the voice appropriate for that version of Windows. 
  • For Windows Vista or 7, select Microsoft Anna
  • For Windows 8 and above, select Microsoft David, Hazel, or Zira 
  1. Select Preview to test the setting, select Apply, then select OK 
  2. Go back to www.bookshare.org and reload the book you were attempting to read within Web Reader