Important Security Update for AT Users

Bookshare's host will be updating their minimum SSL requirements for members connecting to their hosted websites. 

What does this mean for you?

The majority of Bookshare members will not be impacted by this update. However, early testing has revealed that devices running old software, primarily braille note taking devices such as the Braille Note Apex and the web browser on the Braille Sense, may be impacted. These devices are using older security protocols that no longer will be supported by the Bookshare website.  Note that the Bookshare application on the Braille Sense is not impacted by this change.

How do you know if you will be impacted?

Devices that connect to Bookshare through a tightly integrated application are not affected by this update, this includes the Victor Stream 2nd generation, the Bookshare application on the Braille Sense, and all compatible iOS and Android applications. This only affects devices running old software's ability to directly navigate to the Bookshare website through an internet browser.

If you have a device that connects to the Bookshare website you can test it by navigating to our test page:

Bookshare SSL Test

Why is Bookshare making this change?

While Bookshare takes the security of our member's information very seriously, Bookshare is not directly making this change. This change is being made by our website host as a measure to ensure the security of both Bookshare members and members of the many other websites they serve. 

What can I do if my device fails?

If your device has an existing Bookshare application such as the Braille Sense device, you can still use this application to access Bookshare. However if your device does not have a Bookshare application the first step is to contact your manufacturer for information regarding a possible update to your device.

If no update is available you can still access Bookshare books on your preferred device, but you will need to download your books onto a computer first then manually transfer them onto your device.

How do I manually load books onto my device?

To manually load books onto your device:

  1. On a computer navigate to and log into your Bookshare account.
  2. Search the Bookshare website for your desired book.
  3. Ensure the format combo box for your book is set to the format your device reads.
  4. Select the Download button.
  5. If your download does not start immediately wait for and select the Available link for the book from your My History page.
  6. Open the downloaded .zip file and extract the book to the appropriate folder on your device or your device's memory card.

How do I know the device I want to purchase is compatible with Bookshare?

Bookshare keeps a list of member preferred tools that we have verified are tightly integrated with Bookshare at: Member Preferred Tools