Set up students to read with ease: Student Logins

With the “Assign and Read” feature, you can save time and set up students to read with the access and books they need. Through a new streamlined process, you set up the following:

  1. Add a new student member.
  2. Assign books to a student
  3. Help your student log in and read.

Adding a new Student Member

Begin by navigating to your account's member roster by selecting the "Member's" link from the left side of your My Bookshare page.

*Note if you have an alert requiring a Group Proof of Disability form please download and submit this form.

Add student window with username and password fields highlighted
  1. Select the Add Member button from the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter all required information for the member.
  3. Setup the student for Student Login by including a user name and password.
  4. Select "Save."

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Assign books to a Student

  1. Select "Assign Books" button from the pop up.
  2. Search for a book to assign to the student.
  3. Place checks next to any book you wish to assign.
  4. Select the "Assign Books" button
  5. Edit the Reading List name and description if desired.
  6. Select the "Done" button.

The student will now have access to all books on the Reading List

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Help your student log in and read

Books shared with students can be accessed either through Bookshare Integrated applications or directly through Bookshare Web Reader. To access a book with Bookshare Web Reader, the student should log in to Bookshare with his/her user name and password as set by the Sponsor. Once logged in, the student can:

  1. Select "My Bookshare."
  2. Navigate to the appropriate shared Reading List.
  3. Select "Read Now" next to the book.

For more information on compatible browsers and features, please see these articles on:

For other applications the student can log in and search for the book through the applications built in search function, and download the book into the app directly.  

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