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If the school is within the same district and you've registered as a district, there is no need to delete the student from your roster as long as the individual is a student within your district. You can simply update the student's information on your roster online.... more
The electronic roster is a spreadsheet on which U.S. K-12 and post-secondary publicly funded educational institutions can enter the students in their organizations who qualify for Bookshare membership as well as the teachers and staff ("Sponsors") who will support... more
Video Tutorial: How to Change the Primary Contact on Your Account × If the new Primary Contact is already registered as a Sponsor on the account: Please contact the current... more
Log in to your account and select the "Members" link on your "My Bookshare" page.You can then update members' grade levels in either of two ways:Edit a single member's grade level by selecting the pencil incon next to the member's name and changing the grade level in... more
Sponsors can update their Members' information, including login information, grade level and educational plans, online through their Bookshare account. To update Member information:Select the Members link on the left side of the My Bookshare page.Select the Edit button... more