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Capti, the creators of Capti Narrator, also offer an online reader on their website. Capti Narrator Online is a free eBook reader that you can open in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Like Web Reader, Capti Online has built-in Text to Speech and a number of visual settings... more
To install Capti Voice: Open the App Store. In the search field, enter “Capti Voice.”Select the Install button. Although Capti is a free app, you may need to sign in to your Apple account to download it.Once Capti is installed, select the Open button in the App Store... more
We currently offer a number of apps for reading books on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Read2Go and Voice Dream Reader are our two most popular apps, however Capti Narrator is also available for iOS users.All three apps feature integrated Text to Speech, however Voice... more