Bookshare BRF Known Issues

BRF files are text files that have been converted into Braille format through an automated process and have not been formally proofread by a human Braille transcriber. Due to the limitations of this process the Braille created may contain some errors. In addition, if errors were present in the original file that Bookshare converted into BRF, they will be present in all file formats including Braille as well.

Known BRF Issues

Below is a summary of our most commonly reported known BRF issues. Bookshare is actively working to resolve these issues where possible, and working with our provider, Liblouis, when required. Please note that not all issues will be present in each BRF book.  

  • Punctuation symbols are not always displayed correctly or sometimes have extra spacing around them - @ © " / etc.
  • Single letters are not always properly marked with a grade 1 symbol indicator.
  • Sometimes the grade 1 indicator is included when not needed.
  • Underlining, bold, and other text formatting is not included and sometimes results in spaces added mid word.
  • Fractions, superscripts, and subscripts will sometimes not display correctly.
  • Tables may not always be formatted correctly.
  • In UEB files, numbers are not written correctly if dashes are present
  • Explanatory Text info such as image descriptions are not marked with any symbol indicating transcriber notes.
  • Foreign language words in English texts are not contracted correctly.
  • In EBAE files email addresses, URLs, and other computer code is displayed as contracted Braille.
  • The friend contraction may not be displayed correctly in some compound words containing friend.

Special thanks to the many Bookshare members who have provided feedback, helping us improve our automated BRF conversions. If you find other issues with Bookshare's BRF files please let us know!  Submit a Book Quality Report!