Our Partners

We're Better Together

Partners play a critical role in helping Bookshare achieve its mission of increasing timely access to accessible materials for all individuals with print disabilities. Working together, Bookshare and its partners offer programs that better serve current and prospective Bookshare Members, as well as the family, friends and teachers who assist them.

The Bookshare Partner Program offers a number of ways to collaborate, such as:


1. [Headline/Subhead touting the benefits of training. I.e. "Become a Bookshare Pro. Whether you're a student, teacher, AT specialist or parent, learn how to enhance your experience through training."]

2. [Main feature area with main image. This could tout an upcoming training session, webinar, or similar timely content item related to training.]

3. [Training resources organized by topic. These could include content items 3.81, 3.4.7, 3.3.5, 3.2.5, 3.5.10, 3.6.5, etc.]


Welcome to the Bookshare prototype!

This is our beautiful website as of this very minute. What you see is a mirror of our information architecture, with a tad of design and content thrown in. Because the user stories will prioritize content and functionality, we'll flush out these things when the stories are done. This prototype's purpose is to help you become familiar with the interface and see how to navigate it to edit content.

Donate Books

Help People Read. Donate Your Books to Bookshare Today.

2. [Brief overview copy about what we can accept, who can donate, what happens to the books, etc.]

3. [Main feature area with image. Could be a unique donation story like "CUNY Library donates 10,000 Titles to Free Accessible Library for People with Print Disabilities." Could be donor's story, could be story about a volunteer who processes donated books. Could be feature about a particular new famous book that we've just acquired.]

3a. Steps and contact info on how to donate

3b. Details on what we accept