Our Partners

We're Better Together

Partners play a critical role in helping Bookshare achieve its mission of increasing timely access to accessible materials for all individuals with print disabilities. Working together, Bookshare and its partners offer programs that better serve current and prospective Bookshare Members, as well as the family, friends and teachers who assist them.

The Bookshare Partner Program offers a number of ways to collaborate, such as:

  • Marketing and outreach: reaching out and sharing valuable information that helps current and prospective Bookshare Members.

  • Engineering: integrating Bookshare technology into partner products and assuring quality performance.

  • Other: co-developing creative new ideas and initiatives that will help the Bookshare community. Bookshare is always eager to receive and explore new collaboration ideas with prospective partners.

To learn more about partnering with Bookshare or to submit a partnership proposal, please contact Bookshare by email. [links to ContactUs]

Bookshare partners with:

  • Associations, Nonprofits and Schools [links to separate page]

  • Access Technology Providers [links to separate page]

    • Organizations Serving Individuals with Disabilities Worldwide [links to separate International Partners page)

  • Publishers [links to separate page]