University Partner Instructions


Bookshare® has volunteers and partners throughout the U.S. submitting books to the collection. To help with consistency, we request that you review and follow Bookshare's standard Scanning and Proofreading Instructions, with one exception. University Partners enjoy a more direct process, as you will receive account privileges to upload files directly to Bookshare's approval queue.  The following steps will guide you through the process of submitting your first book and establishing your partner account.

Submit a test book

  • Read the Scanning & Proofing Instructions and prepare your file for submission, paying particular attention to information about bullets, footnotes, endnotes, and indexes.
  • Any notes you are forwarding should be placed in brackets.
  • Follow the directions to submit the book to the "Check-Out Queue" (even though the book has already been proofed.) Type "HOLD FOR VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR" in front of the book's title.
  • Email the volunteer coordinator to alert staff that a new partner submission is ready for review.

Ongoing submissions

  • After your university partnership has been confirmed, you will submit books in much the same way as above, except that at the end of the submission process, you will have a checkbox option to “bypass validation." By checking this option, you will bypass the Check-Out Queue and send the book directly into the Approval Queue.