Bookshare and the New York Public Library

Bookshare is FREE for New York Public Library or Andrew Heiskell Library patrons. Learn more about how you can read for life with Bookshare.

How to Sign Up

Start by making sure you qualify for Bookshare. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the NYPL staff at or call (212) 206-5400 to obtain a promo code. 
  2. Sign up for an Individual Membership
  3. Complete the online registration form and use promo code supplied by the NYPL staff
  4. Submit Proof of Disability (learn how to provide proof of disability)

If you are an existing member with Bookshare, simply send an email to promo [at] with the promo code supplied by the NYPL staff and we will extend your subscription for free under this new agreement!

Need help?

Do you need help signing up for a Bookshare membership? Email us or call us at 650-352-0198 during Monday-Friday at 5am to 5pm Pacific Time.

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