Read2Go Release Version 1.1.0

Read2Go has been updated to work better with iOS 8! 

Here's what's new:

  • New download queue! - Books that need to be packaged, like books with images, will be placed into a download queue making it easier to access when the download is complete.  Multiple books can be added to the download queue.
  • New download from search results! - Users can now download books directly from the search results page. It will also indicate if a book has already been downloaded.
  • Updated buttons - The Bookshelf is now titled "My Books," and Search is now "Search Bookshare."
  • Image option defaults to "On" - The "Show Images" option now defaults to "On" allowing members easier access to books with images.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Text automatically scrolls as books are read aloud with the free highlight position option. 
    • Slider bars are displayed in Audio and Font Size settings.

Please note that when you update Read2Go, your books may be deleted from "My Books."  To retrieve previously downloaded books, please use the Search Bookshare function to re-download these books.