How to Scan a Book

Here are the basics. For more information, visit the Tips for Scanning and Proofreading section, especially if your book contains anything unusual, such as footnotes, endnotes, graphics, etc.

  • Bookshare only accepts files in RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • Choose scanner settings (refer to the manufacturer's instructions, as brands/models vary) that:

             ○ Retain page breaks
             ○ Include page numbers (do not use headers or footers) unless your book is under 35 pages
             ○ Remove images (you may need to go back and remove these manually)
             ○ Save in rich text format (RTF)

  • Scan all pages, including blank pages
  • Do a post-scan check – review for the following:

             ○ All copyright information and a separate title page are included
             ○ Page breaks, page numbers and paragraph breaks that match the original book (do not use headers or footers) are included
             ○ Images have been removed
             ○ Minimal scan errors (scannos)