ABT Success Stories

Wonder what Texas students and educators think of Bookshare?

These video testimonials describe how Bookshare’s online library of accessible instructional materials, combined with free local training provided by ABT, benefits students with qualifying print disabilities in a variety of learning settings. For captions, click on each video title. This will take you to YouTube, where you can select the caption icon (CC) in the lower bottom right corner of the screen.

We are collecting lots of great stories, best practices and videos to share with you about educators and students who use Bookshare. If you have a story, please email Lara Rondberg. We may be able to feature your accomplishments and provide recognition for your school.

Student with Dyslexia Discovers What It’s Like to Read: Emery’s Story

Check out videos featuring Bookshare members in Texas!

Student with Dyslexia Discovers What It’s Like to Read: Emery’s Story (Transcript)

Read Your Way with Bookshare (Transcript)

Bookshare Helps A&M Student Dream Big (Transcript) (Transcripcion)

For UTSA Student, Books and Bookshare Are Keys to Future (Transcript) (Transcripcion)

As They See It: Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities (Transcript)

Bookshare ayuda a los estudiantes con Dislexia a hacerse aficionados a la lectura - Ahi se presenta a la familia Alvarez de Plano, Texas, cuyo hijo, Jose, tiene dislexia, y ahora gracias a Bookshare es aficionado a la lectura.(Transcripcion)

Introducing the Alvarez family from Plano, Texas, whose son, Jose, has dyslexia, and now thanks to Bookshare, is an avid reader.

Una odisea con dislexia: la perspectiva de un padre
Un padre comparte las dificultades que su hijo tiene con la lectura y su determinación para vencerlas. (Transcripcion)
A father shares about his son’s challenges with reading and determination to overcome them. (Transcript)

Forging New Pathways in Keller ISD: Audio/Digital Books and Reading Technologies

“Without Bookshare and the portable technology devices, my students would not have kept pace with their peers in school.” —Roger Price, Teacher, Keller ISD, Fort Worth, Texas


Michelle and Reagan ReevesStudent Transforms from Reluctant Reader to Top Accelerated Reader with Accessible Books

Reagan Reeves, a Texas eighth grader proudly says to his mom with a big smile, “I’ve downloaded and read over 200 digital books!” “My son has fallen in love with reading! Last year, he read on a fourth grade level. Today, he reads on an 11th grade level. This transformation speaks volumes for identifying the right resources to help children who are dyslexic be successful.” —Michelle Reeves, Texas Parent


Parent Talks About Learning Portability for Children with Chronic IllnessPhoto of Hailey Bopp

Hailey Bopp, who is blind and has cognitive delays often missed school due to illness. “Hailey participates in mainstream general education classes and wouldn’t have been able to keep up with her reading assignments without books in accessible formats. I had to nudge Hailey to read, but not anymore. She is completely independent, loves her iPad, and can easily download books from the Bookshare library…School life is better because she can keep up with reading assignments…I want more families to know about this educational resource.” Ann, a Texas parent.


Anna Martinez with digital book

Anna Martinez Wins 2nd Place in Technology Olympics for Visually Impaired

Eighth grade student Anna Martinez won second place in the Digital Media Access event at the 2013 Region 10 Technology Olympics. Anna’s mom, Martha Martinez, says, “Bookshare has been a beneficial resource for my daughter. She is able to listen to all the books that other children are now reading. She’s able to follow highlighted words and likes to listen to the computer generated speech, which is more fluid. Formerly, when she read print, she was much slower and got frustrated with small print books. Now, she loves to read using an iPad and Read2Go. We see her reading day and night!” —Martha Martinez, a Texas parent


Connor Meadows

Christmas iPad, Digital Books and Portable Reading App Opens New World of Learning for 7th Grader

Last Christmas, one of the presents Connor Meadows unwrapped first was an iPad and within days this 7th grader with cerebral palsy was reading digital books on his own. He didn’t have to worry about the book falling or asking someone to turn the page for him. “The learning process took on a whole new meaning,” said his mom, Casey Meadows. “We cannot download digital books fast enough and he loves to read now!” —Casey Meadows, a Texas Parent.