Tell Us Your Story: "My Best Bookshare Memory"

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It was a Saturday afternoon and I was with my friends. Lauren, Kyra and I were just hanging out, listening to the raindrops falling against the windowpane.

"Do you like Twilight, Amelia," Lauren asked abruptly, breaking the silence between us.

I tell her "No, I'm not really into that,"

She immediately turns to Kyra. "I love Edward. He's so hot!"

Kyra disagrees. "I like Jacob more," she says. "He has an excellent sense of humor." A part of me feels excluded, and yet, another part of me is annoyed with myself for not have read these books yet. Suddenly, I am determined. I tell them that I will be back, stand up from the bed and bolt toward the door eagerly.

"Where are you going,," Lauren asks, the faint hint of a smile forming in her voice. Kyra laughs. It's as if they are trying to trick me.

"Um, homework," I lie, and slam the door loudly behind me. I approach Lauren's computer. If only I knew where to find the Twilight series in Braille... After a moment's pondering, I decide to google it. The first thing I see is a web site called Bookshare. That's funny. I know I've heard of that web site somewhere. It sounds promising. I open the web page. In order to access this gigantic online library, one must acquire an account. I want one! So, I contact their technical support. Within seconds, I get a response back. It is extremely nice and well-written. The guy in the e-mail informs me that since I am a student, I am allowed to access bookshare for free. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! After typing in my account information presented in the e-mail, I search and download all of the Twilight series. Lauren comes in a little later and catches me reading.

"Long homework assignment, huh?" When she realizes that I am not paying any attention to her, she taps me on the shoulder. "Addicted?"

"Yeah," I murmur absent-mindedly. Truth is I am not addicted, I am infatuated.

Bookshare has changed my life in many ways. Not only can I read the new books that everybody is talking about, but I can also actively participate in discussions about them. I can read other books too, and enter a world beyond the one I live, where anything can happen. To say that I am a bookworm is an understatement. Now, I am a bookaholic!

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