Tell Us Your Story: "Inclusion"

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How Bookshare has made a difference in my life:

I am currently a graduate student majoring in rehabilitation counseling at Wayne State University. One of my professional goals is to advocate for inclusion of all individuals with all types of disabilities in the community. For me personally, bookshare is a wonderful organization because bookshare fosters inclusions of individuals with disabilities in the community. Through an online library bookshare offers its members many books for both professional and leisure activities. Here is how bookshare has made a difference in my life.

I have been totally blind since birth. As a student I have to spend countless hours of reading and writing research papers. Bookshare has been and continues to be a wonderful asset to me, because I can instantly access my textbooks. I don't need to wait for my textbooks to arrive, but instead I can instantly download them, and not worry that I will get behind in my reading assignments. I like bookshare because bookshare provides downloadable books in different formats such as computer Braille, and Daisy format. As a blind person, I find this flexible because I can download my books onto either my computer or onto my note taker. I look forward to be able to download them on my Victor Reader Stream some day.

I also enjoy reading during my spare time. I appreciate bookshare, because it provides books about different subjects. Keep up the great work!

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