Tell Us Your Story: "No Fear To Read"

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When I attended first grade in Hong Kong, my school had a library with a few thousand books. Since I was only a student, I was allowed to borrow three books for two weeks. When I was first introduced to the library in the beginning of the school year, I was very excited and chose two books to borrow. When it came time for me to return them, I held on to the books very tightly with my fingers. Unfortunately, after climbing four flights of stairs, I was very tired and the books started to slip from my hand. As I neared the library door, one of these two precious treasures just fell from my hand on to the floor. The pages were torn from their binding and scattered all over the place. I tried to put the book back together but was unable to because some pages were missing. I was very frightened because I knew I had ruined a book. Luckily, the librarian came out and put the book together for me. has really changed my experience with reading. The website allows me to download as much books as I would like to without any limitation. I also do not have to worry about ruining a book since I can now read it in an electronic format. I just need to unzip it and put it on a storage card, put it into my BrailleNote, and can read a new book. This has allowed me to have my very own electronic library! The site introduced me to exciting book series such as the Underland Chronicles, where an 11-year-old boy has to fight against giant rats and other animals to fulfill prophecies in an underground world.

The Website's many newspapers and magazine makes it possible for me to read about the world in the comfort of my own home. I especially love the fact that can make these newspapers accessible on the same day that the general public receives them. Before I knew about Bookshare's newspapers, I used to download the LA Times article by article, which was very time-consuming. With Bookshare's help, I can now read the entire newspaper like everyone else, not having to worry about finding every single article on the Website. has more than satisfied my hunger for books by providing free access to so much reading material. In addition, it has also made reading more enjoyable, taking away my fear of ruining anymore books by storing them in electronic files. is truly a wonderful website, destroying fear and promoting literacy for the disabled of America!

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