Tell Us Your Story: "Carmella's Quest"

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I had always envied people in the United States of America who could access Bookshare. Many a time, I had searched for accessible versions of books only to find that they were available but were on Bookshare. Then, Bookshare came to India. I am the first person who has become a Bookshare member from the northern region of India. I was however doomed to disappointment since a significant number of books are still not accessible. So, my Bookshaere membership languished.

Recently, I read about a book titled Carmella's Quest: Taking on College Sight Unseen by Carmella Broome. I knew the author from a few mailing lists and exchanged some very interesting e-mail with her about the book. She is a first-time author and does not have the resource is to convert the book into several formats. There is no way that she can send me the electronic copy of the book since the rights of the book are now with the publisher. the publisher is selling the book in print. She said that she had also sent the book to Bookshare.

I had nothing to say to that since the chances were high that the book would be available only to USA residents. There was nothing I could do about that.

She had done her part. I still decided to search. Lo and behold, the book was available to all subscribers and I was able to read it! One of the nicest things about Bookshare is that it provides the book in multiple formats. So, I started reading the book in DAISY on my computer but took it with me in text format on my mobile phone. The book is an excellent read and I am surprised at the level of shared experience is that we have.

I am now a happy Bookshare member and I hope to be able to engage more with Bookshare over the coming year.

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