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Bookshare audiobooks and ebooks make reading easy. You can customize your reading experience with assistive reading features that remove reading barriers. And with over one million titles, you will find virtually any book for school, career, or leisure in one convenient place.

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Catch up on the newest releases, bestsellers, and popular titles that your friends or favorite book clubs are reading

Educational books

Learn in and out of the classroom with textbooks, educational materials, career resources, and more for students of all ages

Free public domain

Access over 10,000 public domain books freely available to anyone around the world

Easy-to-read formats

Listen in audio, follow along with karaoke-style highlighting, read in large font, braille, and more

No limits

Read as many books as you want, no wait times or due dates

Over 40 languages

From Spanish and Hindi to Arabic and French, find books in over 40 languages

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