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In this time of uncertainty, teachers, parents, family, and friends are going the extra mile to support one another. We salute the Bookshare community for adapting and growing in new learning environments.

What Members are Thankful for

We asked members what they were thankful for, and this is what they told us.

"From a Bookshare member to a teacher: “Thank you so much for all of your help and support while trying to navigate this new world of distance learning. You've always been there when I need it. From learning new music to technology issues, you always find solutions to things."

From a Bookshare member to a parent: “I am thankful for parents who expected me to succeed. They supported me by making sure I learned Braille early and used it. They encouraged me to learn by reading. Bookshare keeps me reading and learning.”

From a Bookshare member: “Thank you to the teachers who made possible for us to access Bookshare. And to Bookshare for making it possible to have a platform of making books and its contents available to everyone.”


We are Thankful for YOU

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