30 for 30: Celebrating the ADA

For 30 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has protected the civil rights of people with disabilities. Thanks to this landmark legislation, people with disabilities have had greater access to a wide range of opportunities, including employment, transportation, communications, and state and local government programs.

Benetech has been committed to upholding the ADA and to supporting the rights of people with disabilities from our inception. Through groundbreaking initiatives like Bookshare and forward-thinking initiatives like Service Net, we have leveraged technology to increase access to education, employment, and social services for people with disabilities.

As we celebrate the ADA’s 30th anniversary, we commemorate the impact it as has had on the communities Benetech serves.

"The ADA (along with my university's Disabilities Program) provided vital accommodations during my bachelor's degree. These included extra time on tests and assignments, enlarged print when needed, plus others. Before the ADA, I was skeptical about sharing my disability and needed accommodations with teachers, professors, and admin (and others outside of the school environment). Since I know my rights through the ADA, I am much more confident in sharing my disability and 'needs' with others." - Hannah from West Virginia.


Keep ADA Strong for the Next 30 Years

While we celebrate the impact of the ADA today, there is more work to be done in disability rights. In celebration of the 30 years of ADA, we are raising $30,000 to protect and advance the rights of people with disabilities.

Help keep the ADA’s promise alive for a new generation of Americans. Donate to Benetech’s work to ensure more people can read, learn, and thrive in the ways that work for them.



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