Help us "Beta test" new features!

Picture of a Betta fish with the same colors and swoosh of the Bookshare logo

Bookshare is constantly working on ways to improve your user experience. We release new software every three weeks, and sometimes we choose to open up a new feature or change in the way that you perform a task to a smaller "Beta group".  The following features are ready for you to "activate" and try out; should you want to "deactivate" them, just come back to this page and select the link again.  


We take your feedback about these upcoming features seriously, and ask you to provide comments either via email to or in the appropriate thread in the new member forum.

Download Titles as Word documents

If you would prefer to download your titles as a .docx file, so that you can open and read in Microsoft Word or other tools that support .docx filetype, participate in our Beta!

Access original publisher files in Bookshare Web Reader

Have you wondered why you don't see the "Read Now" link on all books? Sometimes we cannot convert to the book into the format needed for Bookshare Web Reader that we've been able to clean up for full accessibility. However, when a publisher provides us a book that is mostly accessible, we can offer it to you, but it may not be perfect.

To have the Read Now link use these original EPUB 3 files, Activate EPUB 3 Reader Beta.

We just ask you to please let us know, if a title is not reading correctly in the Bookshare Web Reader. When you file a Book Quality report, please indicate that you are part of the Beta and using the "original EPUB" version of the title. Thank you!