How can I submit my Organization Agreement remotely?

All organizations must complete our Organizational Agreement Form before they can start downloading books for their members.

Sponsors can download this form following the steps below:

  1. download the Organizational Agreement form
  2. Once the Organizational Agreement form downloads to your computer, print the form and have the Primary Contact physically sign the final page. 
  3. Scan and email the completed form to Bookshare's membership team. 


We are offering a work-around for those who cannot sign and complete this agreement form. We are allowing authorized staff to sign via email as outlined below.

The Primary Contact on the account should send an email to from an email account clearly associated with your school or district, and include the following:

1. The statement below confirming your authority and signature

2. Your contact information as noted below

3. Please download and attach the blank Organization Agreement to your email. That is necessary so that it is clear to our auditors that you were aware of what you were signing; you do not need to print or complete the printed agreement form at this time, but please read through it.

Once we process your agreement form, we will approve your account as quickly as possible so that you can begin downloading Bookshare books for your qualified students.

Please include this language in the body of your email:

By virtue of this email, I am agreeing to the full terms stated in the attached Bookshare Organization Agreement. I certify that I have the authority to sign this document on behalf of my organization.

Please include your full contact information in the email, including your Name, Title/Role, Organization, City, State, Work Phone Number and Work Email Address.

If you need additional assistance, please email or Contact Us.