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Technology Spotlight: Read Easily with the Victor Reader Stream

Image of Victor Reader Stream
Image of Victor Reader Stream

From time to time, Bookshare shares information about technologies to improve the reading experience for our members. This month, we want to feature the updated Victor Reader Stream by HumanWare.

The Stream, as many call it, is a popular accessible media player and eBook reader you may already use as a Bookshare member. The newest version takes advantage of advanced Bookshare features available through our Partner Program and combines it with some great wireless capabilities.

The Victor Reader Stream makes it easier for members to search, browse and open Bookshare books to get to the content you really want. Through its wireless capability and without having to use a computer, you can do the following:

  •  Search for books by title, author, or full text within the book.
  • Browse dynamic lists of books available on Bookshare such as most popular, most recently added and by more than 30 different categories.
  • Open and add a book to the bookshelf wirelessly and automatically with a single key press.

Additionally, there are other great features like being able to look up encyclopedia articles and define words directly from within Bookshare books, search for books and read short synopsis before opening the full article, add and save books for future reading offline, access NFB Newsline, Internet radio, and much more!

Listen to this audio demonstration of the Victor Reader Stream on the HumanWare website to get more information. We encourage you to learn about all the great reading tools that work with Bookshare books on our website.

Would you like to feature your technology with Bookshare? Check out the Bookshare Partner Program for details on how you can implement advanced features using Bookshare’s easy-to-use API.


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