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Welcome to the Bookshare Reader for Amazon Alexa beta!We ask that you make note of your experience: what worked well and what didn't, what you enjoyed and what we could improve. You will receive a regular survey soliciting feedback throughout the beta period. Thank you... more
Bookshare Web Reader reads using your device's built-in text-to-speech (TTS) voice. Depending on what kind of device you have, you may be able to select an alternate voice -- see instructions, below. In addition, you can get access to additional voices and enhance the... more
If you have found a book that does not offer a "Read Now" link, or are getting an error message when you attempt to use the "Read Now" link, this may indicate that this title is currently not compatible with Bookshare Web Reader. Unfortunately these incompatibilities... more
Bookshare Reader can be used with compatible web browsers on smartphones and tablets. However, for the best user experience, we recommend using the official Bookshare Reader apps for iOS and Android. Learn more about Bookshare Reader for Mobile! Learn what's new in... more
All of Bookshare's books have audio capability. How you access these audio features depends on the type of reading experience you prefer and the type of device you want to use to listen to your books. Note that Bookshare does not offer human narrated audio, so all of... more
The new Bookshare Reader for web is compatible with a Chromebook version 14+. It is also compatible with a device running Google Chrome 33+. Go to to get started!
For an effective reading experience, we recommend using Bookshare Web Reader on the following browsers:Google Chrome version 87 and above Chromebooks version 87 and aboveSafari version 12.1 and above Microsoft Edge version 87 and aboveMozilla Firefox version 78 and... more
The new Bookshare Reader for web is a free tool that is compatible with these web browsers: Google Chrome version 33+Safari version 6.1+Chromebooks version 14+  The New Microsoft EdgeIt has exciting new features such as: Bookmarking for easy reference Multiple... more
Before opening Read&Write Gold, download a book from our website in DAISY format:Open your web browser and log in to your Bookshare account.Locate a book to download.Download the book in DAISY text or DAISY with Images format. Unzip the compressed book folder. For... more
Your student Bookshare account allows you to read books assigned by your teacher, books shared with you on a Reading List or books you have previously downloaded.Log into your account:On your My Bookshare Page you will see tabs for Assigned Books and Reading Lists.... more
Eye gaze is compatible with many of our reading tools, including the new Bookshare Reader. To read a book with Bookshare Reader for web:Using a computer or a Chromebook, open your web browser and log in to Bookshare.* Search for a book using the search box at the top... more
If you’re using a screen reader, downloading our books in DAISY format is one of the easiest ways to read them on your computer. While DAISY books are made for certain reading programs, you can also open them in your web browser for offline reading. If you're using... more
Due to the constraints of copyright law, we cannot provide access to copyrighted books for training purposes. However, Bookshare contains more than 10,000 freely available titles (e.g. public domain or Creative Commons licensed) that anyone can access, and these can be... more
Capti, the creators of Capti Narrator, also offer an online reader on their website. Capti Narrator Online is a free eBook reader that you can open in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Like Web Reader, Capti Online has built-in Text to Speech and a number of visual settings... more
Did you know that Bookshare includes nearly 10,000 books that are not copyrighted and available to anyone, even non-members of Bookshare?For example, here are three lists containing hundreds of freely available titles that anyone can access:Free Books for All - 208... more