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Apple users can read Bookshare books in the EPUB format on their computers and mobile devices using Apple's Books app (formerly called iBooks).Books on macOSDownload EPUBLog in to your Bookshare account.Search for a book using the search box at the top of the page.... more
Books from Bookshare are available in six formats that make them accessible to people with various reading barriers. Note that reading books using an app on mobile devices do not require users to download a file.Bookshare Reader - A customized reading tool for... more
Sponsors can download Bookshare books in the EPUB format and place in a student’s Google Drive to be read with the Read&Write Chrome Extension, premium version. Learn more about Read&Write for Google Chrome.On the Bookshare Website:Log in to your  account and... more
Hundreds of authors contribute their books to make their work available to people with print disabilities. They work directly with Bookshare by donating their digital files. Bookshare accepts files in EPUB 2, EPUB 3, Word, and RTF. We cannot accept physical books or... more
What mobile devices support the Bookshare Reader app?Bookshare Reader is available on iOS smartphones and Android smartphones. Where is the Bookshare Reader app available? Bookshare Reader is currently available in the US. It will be available globally later this year.... more
Bookshare’s content, which includes books, newspapers, and magazines, is provided in several accessible formats, including DAISY, EPUB, and Word. (Learn more about Bookshare’s formats.)You can create a PDF version of any Bookshare book by downloading it in the Word... more
Bookshare Acronyms and Lingo DefinitionsBookshare Acronyms and LingoDefinitions:AT - Assistive TechnologyBRF - Braille Ready FormatDAISY - Digital Accessible Information SystemDIAGRAM - Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials CenterEPUB - ... more
Clusive® is a flexible, customizable learning environment that contains a library of 100+ titles, including vocabulary-rich, leveled versions of high-interest texts for middle school students. Clusive integrates with Bookshare so members can import Bookshare books into... more
If a book does not have a "Read Now" link, it may be due to one of the following reasons:You may be using a browser that is not compatible with the Bookshare Reader. Please read about compatible browsers here.Your book is not available in a format that works with... more
To comply with Copyright law, Bookshare must provide books in formats that are accessible to people with various reading barriers. We know that some members would like to read books on a portable eReader such as the Kindle or Nook. These devices do not currently... more
Bookshare members use several different apps for downloading and reading books on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, including The New Bookshare Reader for Mobile app, Dolphin EasyReader, Voice Dream Reader and Capti Voice.All of these apps feature integrated Text to... more