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Listen to books in MP3 or DAISY format with Voice Dream ReaderSet your download preference on your Bookshare account to MP3 or DAISY audio.Use your mobile browser on your phone/iPad to log into and download your desired book in “audio” format. The book... more
All of Bookshare's books have audio capability. How you access these audio features depends on the type of reading experience you prefer and the type of device you want to use to listen to your books. Note that Bookshare does not offer human narrated audio, so all of... more
To change the download preference for Individual Members:Log in to your Bookshare account.Search for a book.Locate the download drop down menu and select Set Preferences.Select your audio preference and select OK.You can now select the Audio option and the download... more
Listen to books in MP3 format with Windows Media Player or Groove Music (default media player)Set your download preference to MP3 audioDownload a book from our human-narrated audio reading list in “audio” format. Audiobooks take a bit longer to prepare to download, so... more
Books from Bookshare are available in six formats that make them accessible to people with various reading barriers. Note that reading books using an app on mobile devices do not require users to download a file.Bookshare Reader - A customized reading tool for... more
Listen to books in MP3 or DAISY format in the default media playerNote: The Chromebook must have enough internal storage to save the book.Log into on your Chromebook.Find the book you wish to listen to and download it in “audio” format.Locate the book... more
Listen to books in MP3 format with iTunes/Apple MusicSet your download preference to MP3 audio.Download a book from our human-narrated audio reading list in “audio” format.Audiobooks take a bit longer to prepare to download, so if the status of the book indicates “In... more
Bookshare has over 5,000 human-narrated audiobooks. You can listen to them in either MP3 or DAISY Audio formats on a variety of devices. The following steps will help you find and read on recommended devices and apps. There may be more compatible reading tools, and we... more
Bookshare members can update their download preferences online, including their:Default download formatAudio format (MP3 or DAISY Audio)Braille settings (Grade, Format, and Size)As an Individual Member:Log in to your Bookshare account.Select the My Account link in the... more
Students without computer access can read Bookshare books in a number of ways. Below are some examples:Using an app on a tablet or smart phone (Andriod or Apple) Using a refreshable Braille display or Braille Notetaker Using a smart speaker (such as Google Home or... more
Bookshare encourages people with print disabilities to get access to all the resources they need in order to read. For this reason, we recommend that Bookshare members also consider joining Learning Ally and the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled... more
Please note that you only need to unzip our books if you're downloading them in the following formats:DAISY (Text or Images)BRFAudio (MP3 or DAISY Audio)You do not need to unzip books if you are using a mobile app or Web Reader. To unzip a book using Windows:Right-... more
To transfer Human Narrated Audio books to your Victor Stream, you’ll need to use an SD card reader or connect the Victor Reader to the computer using the supplied USB cable. You cannot directly download Human Narrated Books to your stream via the internet at this time.... more