Why should I give my students their own login information?

Organizational Members, such as students, may access only books assigned to them by a sponsor or teacher on their organizational account.

Sponsors and teachers can save time and make it easier for Organizational Members to access books by assigning a username and password. This will allow them to do the following:

  • Log in to Bookshare independently at school, home, or wherever they have Internet access
  • Access books in "My History" or assigned to them on Reading Lists
  • Read with Bookshare's free reading tool, Bookshare Web Reader
  • Read with other Bookshare compatible reading tools

In addition, Organizational Members have the option to upgrade their account to a full Individual Membership so they can select and read books independently. Learn more about Individual Memberships (link to FAQ above, or another appropriate IM).

To upgrade to a full Individual Membership, they simply need to select "Upgrade to an Individual Membership" from the learn more section of their My Bookshare page.

For more information on student logins, refer to the How-to Guide on this topic and/or the video tutorial "How to Set up Student Logins."

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