Why should I give my students their own login information?

Organizational Members, such as students, must access books assigned to them by a sponsor or teacher on their organizational account.

Sponsors and teachers can save time and make it easier for Organizational Members to access books by assigning a username and password. This will allow them to do the following:

  • Log in to Bookshare independently at school, home, or wherever they have Internet access
  • Access books in "My History" or assigned to them on Reading Lists
  • Read with Bookshare's free reading tool, Bookshare Web Reader
  • Read with other Bookshare compatible reading tools

In addition, Organizational Members have the option to upgrade their account to a full Individual Membership so they can select and read books independently. Learn more about Individual Memberships (link to FAQ above, or another appropriate IM).

To upgrade to a full Individual Membership, they simply need to complete the Sign Up form once logged in.

For more information on student logins, refer to the How-to Guide on this topic and/or the video tutorial "How to Set up Student Logins."

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