Student Logins

Save time, build student independence

What is the fastest way to get your students reading this back to school? Get them Student Logins!

Student Logins allow members on school accounts to log into Bookshare and read assigned books on their own. All you need to do is to set a username and password and assign books. They do all the rest. Why use Student Logins?

  • Save time – set them up once; you don’t have to login to your account everytime they need to  read
  • Build independence – let your students build the know-how and confidence to do it on their own
  • Prepare for the future – over time, you can set them up with an Individual Membership which will not only let them login, but also find and read their own books

Learn how to set up a Student Login with this helpful How-To Guide: How-to Setup Student Logins. (PDF) (Word)

Check out this Learn-it-Now video and learn how to read using Student Logins and Web Reader.

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