How can I find non-copyrighted (freely available) books?

Did you know that Bookshare has more than 6,000 books that are not copyrighted? While you are waiting for your full Bookshare individual or organizational account to be set up, you can get started by reading any of these books. Additionally, if you are showing others how Bookshare works, this list of freely-available titles might be a great place to go when demo'ing Bookshare.

  • Go to the Advanced Search page in Bookshare (see link in the heading area of the website)
  • Choose "Freely Available Books" from the list of which "Books to Search"
  • You may want to further limit your search, selecting categories or books with images, etc.
  • Select the "Advanced Search" button

Bookshare  will display the list of freely-available books in the search results screen

  • You can refine the search further, on author, language, category or more
  • You can also sort this list to more-easily find the most-recently added books


What are freely-available books? They are books that are no longer under copyright, were never copyrighted, or perhaps were created as an "Open Educational Resource" or Creative Commons work.