Dyslexia Teaching Resources


Bookshare® is a FREE Online Library Full of Resources for Dyslexia 


Reading Lists

With Bookshare, teachers have free access to the largest online library of curriculum based reading tools for dyslexia program planning across the grades.  


Why do teachers love Bookshare for students who need dyslexia interventions?

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  • There are over 1 million book choices that are designed specifically to support programs for dyslexia.

  • Assigning books to individuals or groups is quick and easy.

  • Teachers save time with readily available online resources for students with dyslexia. 

  • Students with dyslexia can be much more independent in class and at home.

  • Students who struggle with reading have access to a broader range of literature and subject matter, regardless of their reading levels.

  • Students learn strategies for reading and are happier and more confident.


Students must have a qualifying disability that interferes with reading books, such as dyslexia, blindness, low vision, retinitis pigmentosa, and cerebral palsy.


Teachers can sign up schools for organizational accounts, and parents can sign up children for individual memberships. Both are FREE! 


Qualifying students also love Bookshare, because they can 

  • listen to books in audio and enjoy stories beyond their reading levels

  • read on computers, tablets, smartphones

  • participate in class and do assignments more independently 

  • customize voices and reading speeds

  • follow along with text using karaoke-style highlighting

  • adjust font sizes and types 

  • change color, background, and highlighting

Audiobook being read on tablet