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Text in local languages

Access high-interest content in local languages, including content in over 40 languages

Customize learning

Customize the reading experience by adjusting voices, reading speed, highlighting, colors, text size, and more

Learn more, struggle less

Focus on learning, rather than trying to see small text, or searching for books in braille or other formats

Close learning gaps

Build reading proficiency and confidence that helps them to perform better in class and accelerate learning

Build independence

Students can read on their own immediately with Bookshare’s assistive features, helping them build independence

Learn for a lifetime

Students can take Bookshare with them through school, work, and adulthood to enjoy reading and learning for a lifetime

Who is eligible for Bookshare?

Bookshare is for students and adults around the world who find it difficult to process or comprehend printed words, see text in books or on a screen, or physically manage books or reading devices. To access our copyright library, members must have a qualifying print disability. Learn about qualifications.

How many books are available in my country?

Bookshare is able to provide books to readers around the world because publishers have given rights to distribute globally. Over 440,000 titles are currently available to Bookshare members around the world. Additional books converted by Bookshare or contributed by volunteers may be available to countries that have ratified the Marrakesh Treaty. Explore the library.

How much does it cost in my country?

Membership costs are based upon World Bank designation of countries as high-income, upper-middle income, lower-middle income or lower-income. All fees listed below are in US Dollars (USD).

Upper-income country: $79.99 USD/year

Middle-income country: $30.00 USD/year

Low-income country: Free

How can I sign up in my country?

To sign up outside the US, go to the global signup page. If you are from a low-income country and need assistance signing up for Bookshare, visit this help article to contact our support team.

Do you provide customer support to members outside the US?

Yes! To get support in Asian and Africa, see our helpline and email options. For support in all other countries, contact us via our online support page.

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