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How do I submit the Organizational Agreement form for my school’s account?

All organizations must complete our Organizational Agreement Form before students can access Bookshare books. Sponsors can download and submit the form following these steps:

  • Download the Organizational Agreement form.
  • Complete all the information requested in the agreement so that we can expedite account approval.
  • The primary contact must digitally sign and save the agreement.
    • Please note that simply typing a name as the signature on the agreement is not permitted. The signer must sign with the use of a finger on a smart device or can insert an image of the hand-written signature into the agreement.
  • The completed and signed agreement should be Emailed to
  • Alternatively, the form can be printed, signed in pen, then scanned or a picture can be taken with a smart phone.
  • Email the agreement to
  • If you cannot Email the signed agreement, you may fax it to 650-475-1066. Please allow extra time for processing faxed forms.

Contact us to let us know if you cannot sign the agreement and we will be glad to offer a workaround.

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