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How do I find books?

The Bookshare library has over one million titles. There are many ways to find books in Bookshare’s vast collection. 

Search for a Book 

Using the Search box on any page, search by title, author, ISBN, or keywords from a book’s synopsis. 

Browse for Books 

Browse bestsellers, award-winners, new books, staff picks and other great titles. You can also discover new titles in our Special Collections or browse books by language. Reading Lists are updated frequently as new titles become available and new lists are created based on current events and topics of interest.

Use Advanced Search 

The Advanced Search Page allows you to specify words, names or phrases in particular fields; select language, grade level, books with images and categories. You can also search for all books, freely available books, NIMAC books and human narrated audio books. Refine your search by many different specifications including: 

  • Collection to Search: If you are unable to find the book you want in the Bookshare collection, try searching our partner collection by selecting “Internet Archive” from the drop-down list. 
  • Title: Enter complete or partial title. 
  • Author: Entering only the Author will give you a list of all the books available from this specific author. 
  • ISBN: The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique 10 or 13-digit book identifier. Searching by ISBN is particularly helpful for textbooks. 
  • Publisher: Entering only the Publisher will give you a list of all the books available from this specific publisher. 
  • Synopsis: Entering keywords here will search the Brief and Long Synopsis descriptions of each book. 
  • Full Text: Use this field to search within the text of the entire book. This may result in a long list of books. 
  • Book to Search: Select from All Books (recommended), Books available worldwide, Freely Available Books (can be downloaded by anyone) or NIMAC books only. 
  • Language and Grade: Grade corresponds to the US education system. 
  • Filter By Cateogry: Select categories to refine your search based on interest. 

NOTE: Entering more than one criteria at the same time will only give results that match ALL of the criteria you entered. For example: entering “Wuthering” in the Title field and “Bronte” in the Author field will return “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte. 

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