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How do I read Books on the Humanware BrailleNote Touch Plus?

To read Bookshare books on a BrailleNote Touch Plus, we recommend using the Dolphin Easy Reader app, which comes pre-installed on your device.

The Dolphin Easy Reader app requires you to create a free Dolphin account, which is different from your Bookshare account. After your Dolphin account is created, please do the following to download books:

  • Select the menu button and choose Bookshare from the list.
  • Enter your Bookshare username and password to log in.
  • Search for a book using the text box, or choose from the available options/categories.
  • After locating the book, press enter or tap on its title, then select Download.
  • Once the book has downloaded, select Open, then Play to begin the audio.

Access the BrailleNote Touch Plus user guide for the most updated and detailed information when using Bookshare with EasyReader Plus.


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