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How do I request a book?

If the book you need is not in the Bookshare collection, you can request it to be added by filling out a book request form.  

The book title and/or ISBN are required. However it is helpful if you have author, publisher and copyright year as well.  If we need additional information to fulfill your request, we’ll contact you promptly.

We will attempt to get a digital file from the publisher. If that is not possible, we purchase a copy, scan and proofread it, and get it in the collection for the benefit of qualifying members. Please be aware that this process can take up to three months, so the earlier a request is made, the better.

To check the status of your book request online through your Bookshare account:

1. Log in to your Bookshare account and select the My Bookshare link.

2. Select the My Requests link; any open requests will be automatically displayed. To view closed requests, select the Closed Requests link.

3. Select the subject link to see the request’s status and details, including where your book is in our production process.

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