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How do I unzip Bookshare books for Word, DAISY, BRF and Audio?

If you are downloading Bookshare books in the following formats you will first need to unzip the files before accessing the books:

  • DAISY (Text or Images)
  • Word
  • BRF
  • Audio (MP3 or DAISY Audio)

NOTE: You do not need to download or unzip books if you read with the Bookshare Reader for web or mobile.  

Download the book to your computer:

  1. Search for a book using the text box near the top of the page. 
  2. Once you’ve located the book, select its title from the search results.
  3. Under the title and author of the book, select the desired format from the Download Format drop-down/combo box.
  4. Select the Download button. You will then be taken to your My History page.
  5. Your My History page shows the title, format, and status of books you’ve recently downloaded. Audiobooks take a bit longer to prepare to download, so if the status of the book indicates “In Progress” you may need to wait a few minutes to a few hours before you can save it to your computer. You’ll receive an email once the book is ready for downloading.
  6. When the book is ready to download, navigate to your My History page and select the Available link under the status of the book.

To unzip a book using Windows:

  1. Right-click (or press Shift + F10) on the .ZIP file, then select Extract All. This will open the “Select a folder to extract files to” dialog box. 
  2. To save the extracted book in a folder within the current location, select the Extract button. 

 To unzip a book using a Mac:

  1. Depending on your browser’s settings, you will either have a zipped file or book folder within your Downloads folder. If you have a book folder (not .zip format), it is not necessary to unzip your book.
  2. If you do have a zip file, press Command + O or double-click the zipped file and it will self-extract into your Downloads folder. Once it self-extracts, a new folder with the book’s title will be created, which will contain your book files. 

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