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How do I use Bookshare Reader for smart speaker?

Welcome to Bookshare Reader for smart speaker. Listen to Bookshare Books on your Alexa-enabled smart speakers and devices.

To get started, enable the Alexa Skill:

Note: At this time only Individual Members can access Bookshare books on the Alexa Smart Speaker.

  1. If you are new to using an Alexa enabled device, download and install the Alexa app onto your device and sign in with your Amazon account.
  2. Find the Bookshare Skill by searching for “Bookshare Reader” through the “Skills and Games” link on the Alexa App, on the Alexa Skills page on the Amazon website or by voice command to your Alexa-enabled device
  3. Select the “Launch” button.
  4. Link your Bookshare account to the Bookshare skill by selecting the “Settings” button, then the “Link Account” link.
  5. Enter your Bookshare username (Email address) and password, then select the “Sign In” button. You will receive confirmation that your account is successful linked. You are now ready to listen to books on your Alexa enabled device.

Search for books for Alexa to read

The Bookshare Reader skill creates and uses a Reading List called “Amazon Alexa”. By adding audio books to this reading list, you make them available for the Bookshare skill to find.
There are three ways to put audiobooks on the Amazon Alexa Reading List:

  • Ask the skill to get a book you’ve recently accessed on another device (your history.)
  • Search for books through the Bookshare Alexa Skill
  • Search for books on and add them to the reading list

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