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What reading tools work with Bookshare?

You can read Bookshare books on computers, laptops, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, and assistive technology devices with Bookshare’s own free app, Bookshare Reader, and a number of high quality partner apps.

Bookshare’s free reading app

Bookshare Reader app suite on laptop, mobile phone, and Alexa smart speaker behind blue background

Bookshare Reader is available for free to all Bookshare members and can be used in web browsers, iOS and Android devices, and Alexa-enabled smart speakers and devices. Simply log into your Bookshare account, find a book, and select “Read Now.” Learn about Bookshare Reader.

Compatible partner apps

You can also read Bookshare books with a variety of partner tools that allow you to access Bookshare directly from within the app and to read Bookshare books. These were on computers and mobile devices, as well as assistive technology devices. Learn about partner reading tools.

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