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Who qualifies for Bookshare?

Bookshare is for people who find it difficult to process or comprehend printed words, see text in books or on a screen, or physically manage books or reading devices

To access Bookshare, a professional with appropriate expertise must confirm that an individual has a qualifying condition such as:

  • Learning or Reading Disabilities such as dyslexia that significantly interfere with decoding words and reading comprehension.
  • Visual Impairments such as blindness, low vision, macular degeneration, and other types of vision loss that make it difficult to see words on a page or screen or read without enlarged font, audiobooks, or braille.
  • Physical Disabilities that make it difficult for students to hold a book, turn pages, move their heads, or physically manage a book or the act of reading a book in the way that someone without such a condition would.

Reciprocal membership agreements

Membership to Learning Ally or National Library Service (NLS), or a similar body outside the U.S., can serve as verification of eligibility.

Learn additional information for students, teachers and families regarding Bookshare Qualifications for schools in the US.

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