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Higher education students

Find your course books

Find the books you need in alternative formats like audio, audio + highlighted text, large text, and braille

Make reading easier

Customize audio, word highlighting, text size, colors, and more to fit your individual learning style

Focus on learning

Increase your comprehension of learning materials with assistive features that make reading easier

Save time

Learn faster with books and reading tools that remove the barriers that make reading hard

Build independence

Build not only literacy skills, but also confidence in your ability to learn on your own

100% FREE

US students with qualifying learning differences join for free through an award from the Office of Special Education Programs

Who can join Bookshare?

Bookshare is for people who find it difficult to process or comprehend printed words, see text in books or on a screen, or physically manage books or reading devices. To access our copyright library, members must have a qualifying disability. Learn about qualifications.

How much does it cost?

Bookshare is FREE for qualified U.S. students in Pre-K to 12th grade, post-secondary, graduate, vocational, and continuing education classes through an award from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), US Department of Education.

What books are available for students in Higher Ed?

Bookshare has books for every age and grade level of student, including college-level textbooks. All books come in a variety of formats that make it easier for students to read and learn independently. Learn about the library.

How do students read Bookshare books?

You can read Bookshare ebooks on computers, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, braille devices, and other assistive technology devices. You can use our free Bookshare Reader app available for web, iOS, Android, and Alexa-enabled devices. You can also read with a variety of compatible partner apps and devices.

How can I learn more about Bookshare for Higher Ed?

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