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Bookshare’s new website design, what’s new, what’s coming

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The Bookshare website has a new look! We are rebuilding Bookshare from the ground up to provide a premier experience that serves the needs of our users around the world.

This exciting rebuild will be completed in phases, and we are excited to share the first of several exciting releases.

Our first release is focused on the Bookshare website redesign. The website provides content for new members to learn about Bookshare and to sign up. For existing members, it provides useful content like helpful FAQs and learning articles. What’s included in Phase 1?

  • New modern, mobile-friendly, and accessible website
  • Updated pages for the Bookshare Library and Bookshare Reader
  • Redesign of our prior Browse page, now called “Explore our library”
  • Landing pages for parents and students, educators and schools, higher education students, adults, and users around the world
  • New Help and Learning Center with searchable FAQs and learning articles.

The website will be WCAG 2.2 AA compliant when complete, and we will continue to improve usability and accessibility throughout the year to meet the needs of our members.

Note that after login, members will continue to use Bookshare as they currently do until our next phase of development.

What’s next?

We will continue to rebuild the Bookshare webapp in ongoing phases throughout the year. This will encompass streamlining our signup process, making it easier to find and read books, launching new and exciting features, and more. Stay tuned!

Got feedback on how we can improve the website? Share feedback here.

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