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The 18th Emergency

by Betsy Byars

Benjie and his friend Ezzie have escape plans for every emergency, including lion attacks and quicksand, but no clue what to do about the class bullySo what if Benjie "Mouse" Fawley likes practical jokes? He's a good kid who never meant to harm anyone. The same cannot be said for Marv Hammerman, a boy in Benjie's middle school who is as big as a high-schooler but has the temper of a two-year-old. When Benjie (in a fit of insanity) writes a joke about Marv for all to see, he soon realizes he's stumbled into the biggest emergency he's ever faced. Now Benjie must decide whether to stay at school and face a clobbering, or run off and live the rest of his life hiding in the woods. The 18th Emergency is a hilarious account of the trials of surviving the school bully. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

After the Goat Man

by Betsy Byars

This Summer Harold V. Coleman was miserable. It didn't matter that he could make his voice sound deep and important on the phone or that he had won a WCLG Golden Oldie T-shirt. Nothing could make up for the fact that Harold V. Coleman was fat. And he couldn't talk about it to anyone. Even Ada wouldn't understand--she fed her ice cream cones to stray dogs at the Dairy Queen and could pedal her bike all the way up the steepest hills. His mother said she understood: "I understand, Harold. I would have liked an extra brownie for dessert, too." An extra brownie I He was beginning to think he was the most miserable person in the world, until he met Figgy and the Goat Man. Figgy and his grandfather, whom everybody called the Goat Man, lived in a row of houses built for people who had had to move to make room for a new superhighway. Figgy's grandfather hadn't wanted to move, and when he disappeared one day, Figgy knew he had gone back to his old cabin in the woods, desperate, he asked Harold and Ada to help him convince his grandfather to come back.

The Animal, the Vegetable, and John D Jones

by Betsy Byars Ruth Sanderson

Clara and Deanie are on vacation to see their dad--so why do they have to spend time with his new girlfriend and her annoying son?After their parents' divorce, sisters Clara and Deanie are more than happy to have some time alone with their father during a beach vacation. After all, nobody dotes on them as much as their father. But it turns out dad has different plans for their trip. He's brought along his girlfriend and her son: the snotty, completely un-fun John D. Jones. But when disaster strikes, this group of distrustful semi-relations must come together quickly to avoid a major tragedy. This absorbing story of mixed-up families shows how emotional bonds stay strong even when parents move apart. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Beans on the Roof

by Betsy Byars Melodye Rosales

Anna Bean goes to the roof in search of inspiration, and soon her family will follow her into a new world just a few floors above their homeThe Bean children are not allowed to play on the roof of their apartment building. One evening Anna Bean goes up to the roof--not to play, but to be alone so she can write a poem for school. Her poetry writing fever is contagious; one by one, the rest of the Bean family visits the roof to write amongst pigeons and tall buildings--all except George, who can't think of anything to write about. Beans on the Roof is a wonderful, inspiring story for young readers with a passion for creative writing. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.Images from previously published versions of this content have been removed to avoid copyright infringement.

Bingo Brown and the Language of Love (Bingo Brown #2)

by Betsy Byars

Algebra is hard, but love is harder. For a twelve-year-old, Bingo Brown has a lot figured out. He has good friends, he knows how to cook, and he's even made peace with the school bully. But the problem with being twelve is that new problems keep popping up and confusing him. Soon Bingo is panicking over the love of his life moving to Oklahoma, the school bully asking for relationship advice, and his parents acting weirder than ever. If Bingo's ever going to make it to high school with his heart in one piece, he's going to need to ace every test in the language of love. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Bingo Brown, Gypsy Lover (Bingo Brown #3)

by Betsy Byars

Can Bingo Brown live up to his reputation as the most romantic middle-schooler in town?Romance is never easy when your girlfriend lives in another state and your life savings consists of just over three dollars. Still, thirteen-year-old Bingo Brown is determined to make it work. His girlfriend, Melissa, may have moved to the middle of nowhere (okay, Oklahoma), but nothing will stop him from keeping the flames of passion alive. He tries to think of a holiday gift to impress her--but he keeps getting distracted by his parents' plans for their new baby. How will he craft perfect love letters for Melissa while his little brother cries in the next room? This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Bingo Brown's Guide to Romance (Bingo Brown #4)

by Betsy Byars

Bingo's ultimate guide to finding love might need a few more chapters when his long-distance girlfriend returns homeBingo Brown is confident that he can write the definitive guidebook for middle-school boys trying to win over girls. With his baby brother, Jamie, in mind, he jots down notes about the lessons he's learned: Should you worry if the girl you like grows taller than you? (No.) What do you do when hauling your family's dirty clothes to the laundromat? (Go the back way.) But when Bingo's girlfriend, Melissa, moves back to town and doesn't want to talk to him, he realizes he still has some learning to do. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

The Black Tower (Herculeah Jones Mystery #7)

by Betsy Byars

At the eerie Hunt mansion, Herculeah Jones has been reading aloud to Lionus Hunt, an elderly stroke victim who can only communicate by blinking his eyes (once for yes, twice for no). Mr. Hunt seems to be trying to tell Herculeah something, but his gruff nurse won?t allow her to ask any questions. What is Mr. Hunt trying to say? Is it related to a murder that took place in the mansion?s black tower years ago? And who is the creepy old lady who lives in the mansion? Herculeah?s friend Meat thinks she may be asking for trouble, but Herculeah Jones won?t quit until she gets to the bottom of this mystery. .

A Blossom Promise

by Betsy Byars

It is a time of ups and downs for the Blossoms. Maggie is thrilled to be on the rodeo circuit . . . until she witnesses Mom kissing a handsome stranger. Back at home, the family has weathered the worst flood in the state's history, and Vern and Michael can't wait to test their homemade raft down at the flooded Snake Creek. Suddenly, Pap hears screams and runs to the rescue, but a heart attack strikes. As Pap clings to life, the Blossoms must rely on the strength of their family and pull together as never before. The Blossom spirit endures as the family confronts the frailty of human life in Newbery Award-winning author Betsy Byars's fourth Blossom Family book.

A Blossom Promise (The Blossoms, Book #4)

by Betsy Byars

For the Blossom family it's the best day of their lives and the worst. Maggie, out west with her mother, is about to become the newest Blossom on the rodeo circuit. And now that the rain has finally stopped, Junior can at last visit his friend Mad Mary in her cave in the woods. These two weeks of rain have been like an answer to a prayer for Vern and his friend Michael. Together they planned and built a perfect raft, and now, with everyone out watching the waters rise over the banks of the Snake River, they're sure their great voyage downstream will be witnessed with cheers. Vern's grandfather, Pap, is watching the river and dreaming about his old days as a rodeo star. Sudden he hears screams from the river and runs to the rescue. What will Pap find? How will the Blossom family pull together?

The Blossoms and the Green Phantom

by Betsy Byars

Junior Blossom has created the most spectacular invention of all time: a homemade UFO. The Green Phantom took all of the garbage bags and Day-Glo paint Junior could find, but now it requires one more very special ingredient. Although Junior needs help, his family seems too busy to notice. Then when Pap and his dog, Mud, don't come home from town, the Blossoms are pulled apart even farther. Are Pap and Mud in serious trouble? Can a Blossom promise bring everyone back together again? The strength of family love triumphs in this adventurous third title of the best-selling Blossom Family series by Newbery Medal-winning author Betsy Byars. An ALA Notable Book for Children

The Blossoms and the Green Phantom (The Blossoms, Book #3)

by Betsy Byars

No one has noticed Junior Blossom's new invention, even though Junior can plainly see that it's marvelous. He calls it the Green Phantom and it's almost finished--except for the final secret ingredient. The whole family makes a Blossom promise to ensure Junior's Green Phantom is a big success, and Junior knows a Blossom promise can never be broken. When the Green Phantom is ready, everyone gathers to cheer Junior on, except for two people: Pap, his grandfather, who has been missing, and Mom, who is at home worried and waiting near the phone. Pap is old, and his knees are weak--where can he be?

The Blossoms Meet the Vulture Lady

by Betsy Byars

Junior Blossom has set out to test his brand-new invention, a coyote trap. How on earth does he end up lost in a cave with Mad Mary, a.k.a. "the Vulture Lady," while his family attempts to find him in this suspenseful and sidesplitting Blossom Family sequel.

The Blossoms Meet the Vulture Lady (The Blossoms, Book #2)

by Betsy Byars

What's Junior Blossom up to this time? When we first met Junior in The Not-Just-Anybody Family, he was trying to fly with his homemade wings. Now, having recovered from two broken legs, he's ready to startle the world by inventing the best coyote trap ever. But Junior's great ideas have a way of backfiring. Like his wings, his trap leads him into disaster. Deep in the forest he meets Mad Mary, the vulture lady, who eats varmint stew and who lives in a cave. She kidnaps Junior and he ends up her prisoner. Meanwhile the rest of the Blossom family sets out to search for him. They find the trap--but where's Junior?

Boo's Dinosaur

by Betsy Byars Erik Brooks

An early chapter book from Newbery Medal winner Betsy ByarsWhen Boo brings home a dinosaur that only she can see, her brother Sammy, doesn't want to encourage her antics. Boo and her dinosaur are inseparable until Boo says good-bye to the dino quite suddenly. When Sammy sees how sad his sister is, he understands Boo's need for her dinosaur more than he wants to admit. So much so that he almost believes it . . . almost. Betsy Byars has written many chapter books, including Little Horse and Little Horse on His Own. Her language, perfectly tailored to beginning readers, combines with Erik Brooks's charming illustrations to make a delightful book for children who are just starting to read. Boo's Dinosaur is a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown (Bingo Brown #1)

by Betsy Byars

Question one: How is it possible to fall in love with three girls in one day in a single English class?Bingo Brown is an average sixth grader with an unusually serious approach to the business of being twelve. He's got some "burning questions"--why does he get such wild crushes on girls? How can he avoid the school bully? Why is his favorite teacher acting so strangely?--and he's determined to figure them out. This first entry in Byars's acclaimed Bingo Brown series smartly captures all the highs and lows of adolescence. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

The Cartoonist

by Betsy Byars

Alfie is perfectly content to spend his time drawing alone in the attic. Nobody bothers him, and he has his door sealed tight against interruption. Up under the roof, he illustrates amazing cartoon strips about heroes and space adventures, from "Super Caterpillar" to "Super Bird"--even though his own life is anything but exciting. One day, Alfie's mom calls him from the attic to tell him his older brother Bubba will be moving home and will take over the attic as his own apartment. Suddenly Alfie's private world is turned inside out, and he'll need to find a new "home," even if that means spending time around his weird, argumentative family. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Coast to Coast

by Betsy Byars

Birch's grandfather, "Pop," wants to take his plane out for one more trip before moving into a retirement home. He wants to take Birch along with him, which sounds like a fine plan--until the two decide to turn the short flight into a cross-country adventure without telling Birch's parents. As grandfather and granddaughter soar westward across strange, beautiful landscapes, Birch begins to learn more about her past, a grandmother she lost, and a family member she never knew she had. Coast to Coast is a grand adventure; a heartwarming story of family revelations; and a panoramic view of the United States by air. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author's personal collection.

The Computer Nut

by Betsy Byars

Ten-year-old Kate begins a communication exchange on a computer with someone purporting to be from outer space, who says he is going to pay a visit to Earth soon.

Cracker Jackson

by Betsy Byars

"Keep away, Cracker, or he'll hurt you." When Cracker Jackson receives the "anonymous" note, he knows it's from his beloved exbabysitter, Alma. But what can an 11-year-old do, afraid to ask his divorced parents for help, yet desperately aware that Alma's in serious trouble? His best friend, class clown Goat, offers his support, but his schemes are high on lunacy and low on results. And then there's Alma herself, childlike in her affections and faith, caught up in a situation beyond her control. In a tour de force. Betsy Byars brings one of today's most complex issues into compassionate focus, while sending readers on a breakneck roller coaster ride with characters we laugh with, sympathize with, and most of all, remember with love.

The Cybil War

by Betsy Byars

Young love, told by the Newbery Medal-winning author of Summer of the Swans Simon is in fifth grade, and every time he sees Cybil Ackerman, his heart pounds. Falling in love with her was easy, but winning her is not. Simon's best friend, Tony, is also swooning over Cybil, and he'll stop at nothing to ruin Simon's chances of impressing her. When Simon realizes what Tony is up to, the war is on. . . but only Cybil can decide the outcome. Who will be the lucky winner of Cybil's heart? "Young love, fifth-grade variety, portrayed with warmth and humor and that extra, penetrating touch one expects of Byars. "-Kirkus Reviews An ALA Notable Book .

The Dark Stairs (Herculeah Jones Mystery #1)

by Betsy Byars

Mystery is in Herculeah Jones's blood. How could it not be, with a father on the police force and a mother who's a private eye? So when Herculeah notices a man hanging around the "Dead Oaks" mansion, she can't resist doing some investigating of her own. Legend has it the old estate was the site of a murder, and now it looks like there's something even more nefarious going on. Can Herculeah crack the case before the mystery man closes in on her?

Dead Letter (Herculeah Jones Mystery #3)

by Betsy Byars

When Herculeah discovers a mysterious letter inside the lining of a secondhand coat, she suspects it's a desperate cry for help. If so, what happened to the person who wrote it? Herculeah thinks she knows the answer. What she doesn't know is that someone is watching her-someone who will do anything to keep her quiet. .

Death's Door (Herculeah Jones Mystery #4)

by Betsy Byars

When her best friend, Meat, narrowly escapes a hired gunman's bullet, Herculeah Jones has another mystery on her hands. Just as she begins to piece together the clues, she's kidnapped and taken to Death's Door, a deserted bookstore that may be too aptly named. Because somewhere in the dark, stalking Herculeah, is the assassin -- and this time, he's determined not to miss.

Disappearing Acts (Herculeah Jones Mystery #5)

by Betsy Byars

When supersleuth Herculeah Jones buys a second-hand camera, little does she suspect that it holds the answer to a mystery she's literally grown up with -- a mystery that began the day her best friend's father disappeared. Before Herculeah can try to reunite her bumbling sidekick with his dad, Meat himself will need her help in solving another baffling mystery: who is the dead woman he finds in the men's bathroom at the Funny Bonz comedy club? And how can he find her killer -- after he loses the body? Even as Herculeah and Meat hone in on a suspect, the killer is planning a little joke for Meat -- and the punchline is to die for. . . "(O)ffers genre fans genuine suspense as well as some laugh-out-loud comedy". -- Booklist for The Dark Stairs

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