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Advanced Cinematherapy: The Girl's Guide to Finding Happiness One Movie at a Time

by Nancy Peske Beverly West

MOVIES ARE MORE THAN ENTERTAINMENT-THEY'RE A BUBBLE BATH FOR THE SOUL. On the verge of yet another major life change? Recovering from a rough day at the office? Or trying to figure out what makes him tick? Take heart-no matter what your issue, the help you need is no farther away than your VCR. From the dynamic duo who brought you the bestsellingCinematherapycomesAdvanced Cinematherapy, a video guide that prescribes the perfect movie to cure whatever ails you. Whether you're in the midst of a midlife crisis and need to join the parade and march to your own drummer (Hello, Dolly!), or vacillating between gullible and hyperparanoid and need to listen to your instincts (Sudden Fear), inAdvanced Cinematherapyyou'll find movies that will help you laugh at your troubles or confront your issues, and inspire you to grow. Struggling with growing pains? Watch a Coming of Age and Coming Out movie likeBut I'm a Cheerleaderand celebrate your true colors. Ready to cry a river? Immerse yourself in a Cathartic Weeper likePenny Serenadeand let it all out. Face-to-face with a nuclear family meltdown? Pop in a Dysfunctional Family movie likeAddams Family Valuesand laugh at your own kooky clan. Here are dozens of new reviews of classic and contemporary movies that confront women's issues and nurture women's souls. Feed your wildest fantasies, claim your power, and overcome your losses, all by taking charge of your own remote control! AND DON'T MISS: Bev's Culinarytherapy: Foods for Every Mood, Nancy's Momentous Minutiae, Diva Diamonds, Hoopskirt Dreams, the Handy Hunk Chart, and much, much more. . . . From the Trade Paperback edition.


by Nancy Peske Beverly West

Peske and West (authors, no university affiliation) offer guidance on books to read and books to avoid, especially at crises points in the lives of young women. Grouped by category, their recommendations cover "Bad Girl" books, "Bad Boy" books, coming-of-age stories, sex books, business books, and political books, as well as books suited for dealing with your mother, surviving an existential crisis, weathering a midlife crisis, recovering from a bout of loneliness, and finding a purpose to life. Unfortunately, the treatment of the books in question is uniformly shallow. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Cinematherapy For Lovers

by Nancy Peske Beverly West

Movies are more than entertainment. . . They're couples therapy! If you've ever wondered how to meet Mr. Right, boot Mr. Wrong, inspire Mr. Reluctant to propose, or ignite youthful passion in a middle-aged romance, then we've got some good news for you. The help you need is no farther away than your remote control. Sink into your sofa and discover the healing power of movies. From the bestselling duo who brought youCinematherapy, Advanced Cinematherapy, andBibliotherapycomesCinematherapy for Lovers, a video guide guaranteed to help you find the perfect movie prescription to cure all your relationship woes. Trouble in your couple's paradise?Watch a Rediscovering Your Dreammovie likePollockand rise above. Looking for the key to your guy's psyche? Crack the code with anUnderstanding Your Manmovie likeAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Meand unlock the secrets of your own international man of mystery! Ready to hear those magic words but your summer lover is terminally tongue-tied?Loosen his lips with a Hook, Line, and Sinkermovie likeAll That Heaven Allows, then find the shortcut to his heart through his stomach with Bev's Culinarytherapy recipe for meat loaf and mashed potatoes just like Mom used to make, and seal the deal. Feeling like a solo singer in a world full of duets? Discover a new happily-ever-after witha Make Your Own Musicmovie likeGhost World. Jam-packed with over 150 new reviews of classic and contemporary movies--and warnings about Happily Never After love stories that are recipes for relationship disasters--Cinematherapy for Loversgives you the tools you'll need to become your own couple's cinematherapist. PLUS: Nancy's Momentous Minutiae, Best Bodice-Ripping Lines, I Do I Do and Elvis Too,Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bridemovies, Bods We Don't Buy, the Shirley MacLaine Trilogy of Terror, Bev's Culinarytherapy, and much, much more. . .

Cinematherapy for the Soul

by Nancy Peske Beverly West

Complete with recipes to feed physical and spiritual hunger, self-pampering rituals, and inspirational quotes, "Cinematherapy for the Soul" is guaranteed to help women discover movies to refresh and reinvigorate their tired spirits, without ever having to venture further than their neighborhood video store.

Cinematherapy: The Girl's Guide to Movies For Every Mood

by Beverly West Nancy Peske

What can take the edge off a bad day at the office better than a movie where the boss gets his (9-5)? And, of course, that close-up of Antonio Banderas, wet and naked in a cage, is the best cure for the break-up blahs known to modern science (Never Talk to Strangers). Now, for the first time, Cinematherapy acknowledges what women have known for years, and provides a sage guide to the best movie medicine currently available for whatever ails you, whether it's a sudden hormonal shift, a bad-hair day, or a full-fledged identity crisis.

Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars

by Beverly West Nancy Peske

Get ready for some of the best movie medicine ever made. The smash hit women's film guide Cinematherapy taught women that comfort, self-acceptance, inspiration, and humor were no farther away than the video store - and inspired the daily prime-time show on the WE Network (Women's Entertainment). Now the authors are back with a Cinematherapy take on the Oscar canon and how these award-winning films serve not only as a celluloid pharmacy but also as a window into ourselves, our relationships, and our times. Starting with the present and working backward by decade, Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars uncovers the grand themes of each decade's award-winning films, from the Father Issue films of the seventies, with their ambiguous father figures (Patton, Kramer vs. Kramer) to bad girls acting out for disapproving fathers' love (Klute, Cabaret), to the Unsung Hero films of the fifties (On the Waterfront, The African Queen). Along the way there is great dish on who wore what on the Red Carpet, who said what in their acceptance speeches, and party tips for throwing a four-star Oscar bash, as well as returning popular sidebars like the Handy Hunk Chart. As the first female take on these sacred cows of the Silver Screen, focusing on the moments, messages, leading ladies, and supporting men that matter to us most, Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars is the ultimate indulgence for every woman ready to curl up and take charge of her own remote control.


by Beverly West Jason Bergund

Finally, a home theater companion that understands what we've all known for years-our favorite TV shows are more than an escape, they're best friends and a form of therapy that can help us cope with everything from a bad hair day to a nuclear family meltdown. Life getting boring in your cul-de-sac? Indulge in some Diva TV like Desperate Housewives and take a walk on the wild side of Wisteria Lane.Need a place where everybody knows your name? Drop in for a little You've Got a Friend TV like Cheers and order some fun on the rocks without having to face the hangover in the morning.White-knuckling the armchair of life? Let go with a little Anti-Anxiety TV like In Living Color and laugh at your fears.Got a bad case of the codependent blues? Indulge in a little Codependent TV like Nip/Tuck and reassure yourself that things could definitely be worse!So whether you're on the verge of your nineteenth nervous breakdown, looking for an excuse to throw a TV party, or searching for deeper meaning-TVTHERAPY: The Television Guide to Life will give you the guidance you need to find the right television prescription to match your mood, cure your malaise, or make your night without ever getting up off the couch.PLUS: Recipes from Bev's TV tray, including food facials for staying as cool as a cucumber...Jason's Minibar, featuring drinks to wet your inner whistle...and timeless quotes from TV sages down through the ages who can teach us all a thing or two about life on and off the air.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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