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Angel Miracles

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

A near collision while driving. Recovery from a serious illness. Escaping an accident without a scratch. Everyone has had a moment when they knew someone up above was looking out for them down below. Some things are just unexplainable. Sometimes it has to be left to one's Guardian Angel. This book is a collection of stories that shine with hope and true inspiration. Compiled by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, it celebrates the beauty of mysterious miracles that can only be attributed to those divine helpers. You will be astonished by these remarkably true stories of angelic intervention.

Cat Miracles

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

It is often said that cats find their owners. Bestselling authors Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger turn their attention to amazing cats that have gone one step beyond and have brought actual miracles to their owner's lives. Whether saving an ailing diabetic from slipping into a coma, protecting a small child from a dangerous rattlesnake, or traveling more than 600 hundred miles to be reunited with their family, these mysterious and comforting creatures prove themselves to be nothing short of miraculous. The stories in this collection celebrate survival, courage, and unbelievable heroism.

Cat Miracles: Inspirational True Stories of Remarkable Felines

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

[From the back cover:] "Miraculous stories that will set your heart purring ... In this remarkable collection of stories, bestselling authors Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger (Dog Miracles, Christmas Miracles) turn their attention to amazing cats that experienced the miraculous. From tales of survival against all odds to stories of courage and heroism, Cat Miracles explores the magic every cat lover knows is a part of the mysterious and inspiring animal that shares our lives and claims our hearts. Meet some of the fascinating felines in this book: Bonnie, who attacked a gang of thieves--and won! Prissy, who saved her sleeping owner from a potentially deadly fire, Kitty, who survived a trip of seventy-five miles under the hood of an automobile, Ninja, who traveled on his own to his family's former home--850 miles away, and Heidi, who attacked a vicious pitbull--and protected her poodle pal! Sit back, snuggle up with your favorite feline on your lap, and read these amazing stories!"

Christmas Miracles

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

"Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger are two of my favorite people. Their wonderful bookChristmas Miraclesis a treasury of uplifting stories that demonstrates the wonders that can and do accompany our lives. " #151;Shirley MacLaine, Academy Award-winning actress and author The promise that miracles can happen is never more certain than during the holiday season, when it really does seem that your dreams and wishes can come true. From a guardian angel who finds a desperately needed job for a man whose wife is about to give birth right before Christmas to pair of grieving parents who receive a warm Christmas message from their recently departed son, these incredible-but-true, larger-than-life miracles celebrate the wondrous joys of this special time of year. Because the first Christmas#151;and every one since#151;is a miracle.

Horse Miracles

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

Through their courage, strength, and beauty, horses will forever be known to capture hearts and bond with humans in a way never thought possible. Horses demonstrate their loyalty and bravery every day on farms and in riding stables. But in this exciting volume of theMiraclesseries, horses go beyond bravery'and prove themselves to be miracle workers. Whether rescuing their young owners from an attacker, overcoming abuse to serve as a teacher to other horses, or proving therapy to those who need it most, these noble creatures have proven time and time again that miracles can'and do'happen. This book brings to life the steadfast horse-human bond'and shows how horses can change the lives of their riders forever.

Puppy Miracles

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen

- More than 350,000 copies have sold in the Miracles series to date - An uplifting follow-up from the authors of Animal Miracles, Dog Miracles, Cat Miracles, and Horse Miracles What's cuter and more adorable than a puppy? This follow-up to Dog Miracles presents fifty amazing puppies who brought blessings on their people and survived against difficult odds. This remarkable collection showcases the special and dramatic role any puppy--no matter how small--can play in transforming and touching lives, such as: - Myron, a Collie pup, who saved a calf stuck under a fence from drowning in heavy rain and flooding - Blackie, a former stray puppy who still walks eight miles each Sunday to attend 7:30 A. M. mass with her old congregation - Princess, a German shepherd puppy, who saved an infant from what could have been a fatal fall down a steep flight of stairs. - Tyson, who kept his sixteen-year-old owner Robert warm and safe after he had been beaten by thugs

Santa Miracles

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! In this heartfelt collection of real-life Santa stories, Christmas lovers will learn that the jolly old elf is alive and well and still performing miracles that reflect the spirit of the season this and every Christmas. Inside you will meet such inspiring Santa Clauses as: Raleigh, the mailman, who every Christmas, donned a Santa suit to distribute gifts of toys and food to the poor families in ?shanty town,? because they were too proud to accept charity from someone they knew Bill, the juvenile delinquent sentenced by the judge to play Santa and distribute gifts to the children at a local orphanage'who in the process discovered the true spirit of Christmas Robert, who kept an old man from being mugged one cold December night, only to recognize him later over coffee as the local department store Santa who had brightened his childhood Christmases Not even Scrooge himself could resist these touching yuletide stories of cheer, hope, and love. If you love Christmas, you'll love this book!

The Source: Journey Through the Unexplained

by Brad Steiger Art Bell

A journey into the unknown and unexplained. UFO's, Abductions, animal mutilations, OBE's and NDE's. Art Bell host of CoastToCoastAM

Strange Powers Of Pets

by Brad Steiger Sherry Hansen Steiger

In this awesome book, the Steigers present true stories which demonstrate the psychic connection between pets and humans. "Once you work steadily at achieving a oneness with your pet, you will enter a beautiful realm of understanding in which you will see very clearly that the strange powers of pets manifest most profoundly in the energy of love that we two-leggeds have always the choice of sharing with our brothers and sisters among the four-leggeds, the winged ones, the beings that crawl on their bellies, and the creatures who live in the waters. Once we learn to express respect rather than condescension, and love rather than ownership, we too shall greatly expand our own powers of spirit."


by Brad Steiger

Discover the secrets of animal totems and their sacred, transformative powers. Among traditional Native Americans and other tribal peoples, totems are the enduring animal symbols that allow these peoples to explore the mysteries of life and the spirit world. from the graceful Antelope to the aggressive Cougarto the wise and peaceful Turtle, each animal embodies certain strengths and attributes that the spiritual seeker can embrace and follow on the path of self -exploration. Now, Totems offers each of us the tools we need to tap into thepower of sacred animal totems by finding our own personal symbol and experiencing its energy firsthand. Drawing upon his long association with native teachers, as well as guidance from his own spirit helper, author Brad Steiger has created a fascinating, informative, and thorough guide to this ancient Spiritual practice. Filled with the wisdom of many different tribes and cultures, Totems provides exercises and techniques for: choosing your own animal totem from the American Indian Zodiac receiving dream and vision teachings using animal totems embarking on a spirit journey learning the healing powers of totems calling on your spiritual helpers in times of need

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