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The Bounty Hunter and the Heiress

by Carol Finch

Evangeline Hallowell has sworn not to rest until she finds the dirty swindler who conned her sister. So when Colorado's best bounty hunter, J. D. Raven, refuses to help, the determined heiress joins the trail as his "wife"--for better or for worse. . . . With enemies galore gunning for him, the last thing Raven needs is some stubborn, sass-mouthed hellcat landing them both in bigger trouble! But he soon finds keeping Eva safe is way easier than keeping himself from wanting her. . . .

Bounty Hunter's Bride

by Carol Finch

Hanna Malloy Was Desperate To Make Her Way WestAnd Cale Elliot was the perfect choice to launch her into a life of adventure. Now, since their hasty wedding, the legendary bounty hunter dared her daily to try new things. But would it be wise to fall in love with her own husband?What was a New Orleans belle like Hanna doing married to a half-breed sharpshooter like him? Cale wondered. True, she needed his wilderness savvy as much as he needed her polish, but how on earth had their convenient business arrangement taken a sharp turn toward "can't live without you" love?

Call of the White Wolf

by Carol Finch

A Gunshot Wound Sent John Wolf Straight To Paradise.Paradise Valley, that is, where an Irish hellcat with the face of an angel had rescued five orphans...and offered him a life that was more than just duty and danger. But would the truth of his past make their future together impossible?More legend than lawman, more man than most, John Wolf was a U.S. Marshal who named himself Apache in his soul. And Tara Flannigan knew from the moment she rescued him that he'd bring trouble-and temptation-to her little patch of heaven on earth!

Cooper's Woman

by Carol Finch

Alexa Quinn wanted much more from life than a society wedding. She was determined to make her busy father see her true worth. So when secrets and lies threatened the good work he was doing, Alexa seized her chance to save not only her father, but herself as well. Enter Wyatt Cooper--ex-lawman, legendary gunslinger and a fine-looking man! He was the best in the West for stopping trouble in its tracks, but for Alexa he meant excitement, adventure and danger. Just what she was looking for. . . .

Cowboy Christmas

by Carol Finch Elizabeth Lane Pam Crooks

Twelve days of Christmas--three heartwarming romances! A Husband for Christmas by Carol Finch To reassure her overprotective parents, Victoria Thurston must convince the town marshal to be her "holiday husband. " But the magical, festive air--and Tori's luminous green eyes--make it very difficult for Logan Daniels to keep to their marriage in name only! The Homecoming by Elizabeth Lane Brooding rancher Clay McAllister paid his reckless brother's dues in a tough Kansas jail. Now Clay must win back his beautiful wife, Elise. And, after three years apart, some yuletide passion is just what Clay and Elise need to reignite the fire that still smolders between them. . . . The Cattleman's Christmas Bride by Pam Crooks With her reputation cruelly slandered, Allethaire Gibson is forced to flee to the snowy Montana mountains. There the dazzling socialite unexpectedly finds a Christmas romance with a man who has fought for respect just as she has--rugged cattleman Mikolas Vasco!

Cupid and the Cowboy

by Carol Finch

Cupid, meet your matchJudd Foster is the perfect new project for Moon Valley's resident do-gooder, Erika Dunn. After serving in Special Ops, Judd has returned to his family's ranch, seeking solitude to overcome the traumas he's endured. But sweet-talkin' Erika intends to wipe away this cowboy's pain with a dose of her irresistible small-town charm.Of course, Erika's interest isn't purely selfless-not when Judd's been the man of her dreams since she was a little girl. Sure, he's a bit gruff and withdrawn now. But when the two are forced to pretend they're a couple, Erika knows that Judd is still the only man for her. And this Texas Cupid isn't above using every arrow she's got to capture the heart of her cowboy!

The Family Feud & Stop the Wedding!

by Carol Finch Jennifer Drew

The Family Feud by Carol FinchPassion and feuding and marriage...oh, my!In the small town of Oz, Jan Mitchell's wacky family is fast falling apart! Her parents are fighting, her sister's lost it and to top it off, Jan's high school crush is now in the middle of everything! Morgan Price always had the ability to make her knees buckle and her senses race. But now the man's just infuriating...especially with his foolproof plan to settle the Mitchell family feud-a race to the altar with Jan as his bride!Stop the Wedding! by Jennifer DrewGet him to the church on time!Nick Franklin doesn't know what he wants. He doesn't have the right job, and he certainly can't find the right woman. When he's accidentally kidnapped trying to rescue someone, he doesn't know what's going on! Stacy Moore's whole world is upside down! She's getting married, but is falling fast for some guy she's just met. What happened to buying the dress, walking down the aisle and living happily ever after? Maybe her fairy tale has hit a snag...and Nick's her true knight in shining armor!

Fit to be Frisked & Mr. Cool Under Fire

by Carol Finch

Meet the Bachelors of Hoot's Roost, Oklahoma, where love comes sweepin' down the plain!Fit to Be Frisked by Carol Finch Take your best shot!Cowboy Vance Ryder is footloose and fancy-free-until he plays a prank on gorgeous rookie cop Miranda Jackson. She fines him for his stupidity, but the police chief hits the roof and sentences both of them to a week in each other's company. Miranda doesn't want to be attracted to fun-loving Vance. But it isn't long before she's practically arresting him for theft-he's stolen her heart!Mr. Cool Under Fire by Carol Finch Under siege!Gage Ryder, confirmed bachelor and mystery man, takes on a temporary assignment as a bodyguard. But Mr. Cool Under Fire is definitely rattled when he meets his client-the feisty and playful Mackenzie Shafer must pose as his wife! She's more temptation than Gage can handle. How can he save Mackenzie from the bad guys when he can't protect himself from her sexy charm?

Fit to be Tied & The Lyon's Den

by Carol Finch Selina Sinclair

Fit To Be Tied Monkey business in cattle country! Rancher Devlin Callahan is ready to read the riot act to his nearest neighbor. Jessica Porter had turned his forty acres into a blasted zoo! Her exotic animals are panicking his placid cows and stressing out his sheep. His plan is to get rid of her and her rowdy herd.... Until Devlin realizes that sexy Jessica could charm any animal-or cranky cowboy-with just a smile. How can he run her out of town when she's got him all tied up in knots? The Lyon's Den Little did he know, he was about to be tamed! Lyn Mackenzie couldn't afford to loss Miss Hammond. But his seemingly robotic assistant was resigned-to get married, of all things! When Liv realized her beastly boss was in a bind, she agreed to stay on temporarily. Only, she hadn't counted on playing mommy to her godson for that week, or on playing wife to Lyon when their biggest client caught them in a very compromising position!

Fletcher's Woman

by Carol Finch

HOT ON THE TRAIL...Fletcher Hawk has only one thing on his mind-bounty! The Texas Ranger is in hot pursuit of a woman accused of murder. He'll track her down and claim his reward.But when he finds Savanna Cantrell, something makes him change his goal. Maybe it's her beauty, maybe it's because she is the cleverest woman he's ever met, maybe it's her innocence-but now he needs to convince her that she needs his help. With dangerous men on their trail, these two fiercely proud and independent people must learn to trust...and to love!

The Gunfighter and the Heiress

by Carol Finch

From hired gun to hired groom Money can't buy love...but it can buy marriage for on-the-run shipping heiress Natalie Blair. Her vicious stepfather's scheming ways have the Louisiana beauty fleeing to Texas to seek out legendary contract gunfighter Donovan Crow. He is dark, dangerous, and marrying him would be the perfect protection... For Van, the price is right and the spirited woman is impossible to resist. Soon the hardened bachelor can't tell what's more challenging-keeping their legions of enemies at bay or keeping his hands off his fake wife!

Harlequin Historical December 2012 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Carol Finch Diane Gaston Anne Herries

Harlequin Historical brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from December 1 to December 31! Escape with rugged cowboys and brooding lords in these three timeless love stories. This Harlequin Historical bundle includes Oklahoma Wedding Bells by Carol Finch, Born to Scandal by Diane Gaston and A Stranger's Touch by Anne Herries.Look for 6 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin Historical!

The Kansas Lawman's Proposal

by Carol Finch

Rachel St. Raimes is on the run, and Dodge City's no town for an innocent young seamstress. The only place wrongly accused Rachel can hide is with a traveling medicine show. But falling in love with an injured, sexy lawman throws out all her escape plans. Because once U.S. Marshal Nathan Montgomery learns the truth, there's nowhere Rachel's life--or heart--will be safe.

Lady Renegade

by Carol Finch

U. S. Deputy Marshal Gideon Fox's first glimpse of the ravishing beauty was like a mystical vision. But when Lorelei Russell identified herself, the lawman in Gideon kicked in-this woman was wanted for murder! He'd have to tame his fierce attraction until justice could be served. For her part, Lori couldn't believe theinjusticeof it all. Falsely accused, apprehended by a hard-hearted marshal and, the most unfair part-how her body rebelled every time Gideon was near, making resistance to her gorgeous captor absolutely futile....

The Last Honest Outlaw

by Carol Finch

19th Century American West. In the west, even an outlaw wasn't always what he seemed!Murder and abduction had introduced Rozalie Matthews to Eli McCain, who'd taken her hostage in a hail of gunfire. Yet as she tended him in a deserted cabin, she knew two things for sure: this rough and ready loner was no outlaw. . . but he was a thief of hearts! Eli McCain knew he was probably on every wanted poster in the Rockies by now--for a crime he didn't commit. But no one was going to believe a half-breed mountain man was innocent of anything--except maybe his prisoner, Roz Matthews, a feisty whirlwind of a woman. . . who swore she'd clear his name!

The Lone Rancher

by Carol Finch

Left alone on the Cahill family ranch, Quin believes in making the most of the life he was born to. So, according to his late father's wishes, he's ruthlessly buying all the surrounding Cahill Crossing land he can get his hands on. Flame-haired Boston heiress Adrianna McKnight wants to forge her own path-from society girl to independent rancher-and has settled on Texas for her fresh start. Her new neighbor, Quin, doesn't like the competition one bit. But she's not going to let an infuriatingly sexy cowboy get in her way!

Lone Wolf's Woman

by Carol Finch

A WARRIOR SPIRIT...A GENTLE HEARTVince Lone Wolf is the justice system's last resort. And, in spite of his dangerous reputation, Julia Preston will give her soul if she can borrow him for just one night. Because her brother's life-and the family ranch-depend on Lone Wolf's reputed skills.Julia's fearlessness and determination make it impossible for Lone Wolf to resist her desperate cry for help. And though he's always prided himself on his independence, she reminds him of everything that is missing in his life.But can a bounty hunter ever lay claim to the love of a lady?

Lonesome Ryder? & Restaurant Romeo

by Carol Finch

Meet the bachelor cousins of Hoot's Roost, Oklahoma, where love comes sweepin' down the plain!Lonesome Ryder? by Carol Finch Run over by a stampeding bull and bulldozed by a cheating ex-wife, rancher Wade Ryder doesn't want anything to do with women. Too bad for him that his tricky cousins decide a woman is just what he needs. They've hired gorgeous Laura Seymour to keep house for ol' Wade until he recuperates. Will this headstrong beauty temper the surly beast? Or will Ryder be lonesome tonight?Restaurant Romeo by Carol Finch Meat 'n taters were just fine for the menfolk of Hoot's Roost. But when Stephanie Lawson turns her family's diner into a five-star restaurant-with the female population's approval-a battle of the sexes seems about to ensue. But the men have a secret weapon-ladies' man and cowboy Quint Ryder. His mission is to use his legendary charm to seduce headstrong Stephanie into changing her haute cuisine back to blue-plate specials. However, Stephanie seems to be the one woman immune to his charm. Will Quint win her heart...or die trying like that other Romeo?

McCavett's Bride

by Carol Finch

Unable to tolerate the controlling expectations of her upper-class family, Pru Perkins shipped herself to Paradise, Oklahoma, as a mail-order bride. She was destined to make Jack's dreams of a peaceful life a distant memory!Ex-lawman Jack McCavett was done with excitement, glad to have his days of adventure behind him. Now he wanted to enjoy his quiet ranch with a restful, respectable woman at his side. But his special delivery was Pru, heiress, suffragette and all-round firebrand. Soon his desire for calm would be left far behind-and his need for Pru would be irresistible!

Mr. Predictable & Too Many Cooks

by Carol Finch Molly O'Keefe

Mr. Predictable by Carol FinchHe was about to become a wild man...Thanks to his meddling sisters, J. T. Prescott's predictable life is about to change radically. They've booked him a two-week stay at Moriah Randell's ranch for stressed-out business execs. Soon J.T. finds that a little unpredictability in the form of gorgeous Moriah is just what he needs. But not even J.T. can predict what will happen next!Too Many Cooks by Molly O'Keefe A recipe for disaster?Rugged Montana cowboy Ethan Cook and straitlaced, L.A. social worker Cecelia Brady are far from made for each other. But Cecelia is on a mission to save inner-city kids, and Morning Glory ranch is the perfect setup. What Ethan and Cecelia don't know is, both of them are being set up by an entire family of matchmaking Cooks. And everyone knows what happens when there are too many cooks...!

Not Just Another Cowboy

by Carol Finch

A COWBOY'S FOREVER LOVE Roping and throwing a calf didn't faze Chance Butler. But falling for his rancher boss Alexa Tipton was the hardest thing he'd ever faced. This diamond in the rough was a sparkling jewel whose radiant smile blinded and beguiled him. And Chance wanted Alexa to know that he wasn't just another cowboy who landed on her doorstep...but this single mom's chance at finding a forever kind of love!

Oklahoma Bride

by Carol Finch

"YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!"To a woman who was all fire, sass and temptation that was a hell of a hello! But army major Rafe Hunter had no choice. Karissa Baxter was a "Sooner" attempting to secure the homestead she wanted before the start of the Land Run, danger-and rules-be damned! But what about what he wanted? And what if what he wanted was her?WHO DID RAFE HUNTER THINK HE WAS?All spit and polish, and with Eastern money to boot! Unlike the hardscrabble types Karissa was used to, he could never understand what drove her to go after her dreams. So how had he managed to quick-march his way into her heart?

Oklahoma Wedding Bells

by Carol Finch

Independent Josephine Malloy is determined to stake her own claim during the latest Oklahoma land run. But to fend off the countless suitors seeking a wife and homestead she needs a fake fiancé for cover. Enter horse trader Solomon Tremain...As an undercover Deputy U.S. Marshal investigating land fraud, Sol should probably keep his distance from this firebrand. But when Josie gets in trouble with the law it's Sol to the rescue-although he'll need to make their marriage for real. If only she'll stay out of hot water long enough to say "I do"!

The Ranger

by Carol Finch

CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE......between a mysterious Apache, who claims he's a Texas Ranger, and some very angry desperados, she doesn't know who to trust. The last thing Shiloh Drummond wants is a man in her life, although right now this ranger is all she has!Logan Hawk can't wait to get rid of this feisty female and return to the task of avenging his mentor's death-although he must do the honorable thing and protect her at all costs. But during a long trip to safety that's more rocky than romantic, Logan realizes that he may not really want to let Shiloh go...

The Ranger's Woman

by Carol Finch

WIDOW'S WEEDS COULD COVER A MULTITUDE OF SINSAnd when lawman Quinn Callahan got a look at what Piper Sullivan was hiding beneath them, he wanted to sin plenty! The woman was a glory to behold-all sass and bristling passion. But damned if he didn't know he was absolutely wrong for her...!Desperadoes, careening stagecoaches, gunfire-with Quinn Callahan, Piper Sullivan discovered the excitement never stopped. This rough-and-ready Texas Ranger was completely unlike any man she'd ever known. And riding with him, she was fast becoming a woman she didn't recognize-wild, free and aching for his touch!

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