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Abbie And The Cowboy

by Cathie Linz

THE COWBOY KIDNAPS A BRIDE Dylan Janos had no intention of getting married for real. When he whisked Abbie Turner away, the footloose rancher was simply reviving a romantic Gypsy tradition. All he wanted were sizzling memories to take along when he left. And he would leave. He always did.... THE BRIDE ISN'T OBJECTING! Abbie knew Dylan was kidding about marriage. He wasn't interested in settling down--just as Abbie had no intention of falling for a roaming rodeo rider. So why not skip the wedding...and get right to the honeymoon! Three Weddings and a Gift

Big Girls Don't Cry

by Cathie Linz

A romantic comedy. A humorous tale. The secondary characters are comical and outrageous.

Daddy in Dress Blues

by Cathie Linz

OPERATION: Daddy Boot CampSUBJECT: Three-year-old Blue, the daughter whom--until three days ago--U. S. Marine Curt Blackwell didn't know existed. MISSION: Fatherhood. Bedtime stories. Plaiting hair. Holding hands. COMPLICATIONS: Preschool teacher Jessie Moore. They had a past, but Curt avoided those waters. Unlike Blue's fear of monsters under the bed, a woman's emotions truly spelled danger. And he was growing defenseless against this woman's warmth and beauty. . . . MISSION SUCCESS: Uncertain. Curt would survive--but not necessarily with his heart intact!

Husband Needed

by Cathie Linz

"WHY DON'T YOU MARRY ME?"Jack Elliot nearly choked when he realized those words had come from his lips! What had just happened? How had Kayla White gotten the most confirmed bachelor in Chicago to propose?Maybe it was her cool facade and quick temper that were so tempting. Jack knew he could awaken the passions simmering below her surface. And he wanted to be the one Kayla turned to in her time of need. But still...marriage? Then Jack thought of waking up with Kayla every morning and he said..."PLEASE?"

Lone Star Marine

by Cathie Linz

Injured in battle, Captain Tom Kozlowski craved only peace and quiet. But with sexy spitfire Callie Murphy living next door, Tom's days were anything but peaceful. The kindergarten teacher couldn't accept the fact that he wasn't interested in making new friends...especially ones as deliciously tempting as Callie. But Callie's gentle understanding gave Tom the courage to heal. Before long she had helped soothe his wounded warrior's pain...and had him rethinking the future his hardened heart hadn't believed possible.... Silhouette Romance #1805 Miniseries: Men of Honor (The other books in this miniseries are available from Bookshare.)

The Marine and Me

by Cathie Linz

"How on earth had an intrepid U.S. Marine just gotten maneuvered into dating the librarian next door? Mark it down to a sense of duty but for Steve Kozlowski, meeting Chloe Johnson was like walking over a land mine. For beneath her frumpy exterior was a spirited, sexy woman who could definitely use a lot more excitement in her life. And this die-hard bachelor was just the man to provide it. At least he was until he discovered how much fun he was having with sweet, kissable Chloe. Had Steve's time-honored strategy for sidestepping a more lasting engagement just backfired? Silhouette Romance #1793 Miniseries: Men of Honor series"

The Marine Meets His Match

by Cathie Linz

He'd faced enemy fire with more courage than his general's daughter's advances - and U.S. Marine Captain Rad Kozlowski wasn't afraid to admit he was in real danger. The only way to evade her was to find a fake bride. And he knew just the beautiful blonde to play the part.... Experience had taught brainy bookseller Serena Anderson to steer clear of military men. But when Rad offered her a too-good-to-be-true deal in exchange for "marriage," Serena agreed to a little pretence. After all, since neither wanted to settle down, the only thing at risk was a few kisses - and then a few more.... Miniseries: Men of Honor

Married to a Marine

by Cathie Linz

Justice Wilder takes off to a secluded island after a serious injury which may end his military career. Kelly, a physical therapist, arrives on his doorstep offering to give him physical therapy. Will love find them?

Michael's Baby

by Cathie Linz

A BABY ON THE DOORSTEP? When businessman Michael Janos hired Brett Munro, no one knew child care would become part of her duties! Still, when Brett discovered an adorable infant left in the doorway, she knew she was right for that part of her job.... Playing house with luscious Brett and baby Hope was stirring up more than fatherly feelings in Michael. Soon he enjoyed putting little Hope to bed-and keeping Brett up all night...! THREE WEDDINGS AND A GIFT: Three siblings say "I do"-with a little help from a family heirloom!

Montana Mavericks books 9-12

by Cathie Linz Celeste Hamilton Rachel Lee Laurie Paige Allison Kent

The Montana Mavericks: Tough cowboys who you can't help but fall in love with. The series concludes with Books 9-12: Father Found by Laurie Pagie, Baby Wanted by Cathie Linz, Man With a Past by Celeste Hamilton and Cowboy Cop by Rachel Lee.

The Rancher Gets Hitched & An Affair of Convenience

by Marissa Hall Cathie Linz

In Linz's "The Rancher Gets Hitched, " a housekeeper tries to keep two challenging twins in check while developing a relationship with a mule-headed but sexy rancher. In Hall's "An Affair of Convenience, " a pair of best friends agrees to a no-strings-attached affair, and ends up wanting each other again and again. Only, their careers are getting in the way.

Seducing Hunter

by Cathie Linz

COULD SHE GET HER MAN? Gaylynn Janos wanted to experience life-and that meant finding the perfect man. Problem was, Hunter Davis still thought of her as a pesky girl. Well, Gaylynn was a woman now-and she planned to get exactly what she desired! Hunter couldn't believe the persistent teenage tomboy had become a curvaceous beauty who still tormented him. Gaylynn was his friend's sister and definitely off-limits, but how could any man refuse soul-stirring kisses? He might just have to enjoy Gaylynn's pursuit-as long as she didn't have marriage on her mind! THREE WEDDINGS AND A GIFT: Three siblings say "I do"-with a little help from a family heirloom!

Too Sexy for Marriage

by Cathie Linz

Too Sexy for him..."Chicago's Sexiest Bachelor," Jason Knight, is a successful assistant D.A., not a pinup! But women are forever hitting on him-even in the courtroom. Nevertheless, Jason plans to Stay in Control. Until Heather Grayson rocks his world.Too Sexy for her...The plain-Jane host of the popular radio show "Love on the Rocks," Heather Grayson, is conned into making a stupid bet. She's going to seduce sexy-as-sin Jason? Big mistake! Because her seduction works all too well....Marriage Makers-Three bumbling matchmakers mess with matrimony!"Cathie's writing always glows with warmth and charm."-Jayne Ann Krentz

Too Smart for Marriage

by Cathie Linz

Marriage Makers"Cathie Linz's fun and lively romances are guaranteed to win readers' hearts!"-Susan Elizabeth PhillipsAnastasia Knight knew better than to fall for a straight-arrow like David Sullivan. Why, he'd even believed she was trying to swindle his sweet grandmother! He was the one at fault-he didn't spend enough time with the dear woman. And Anastasia was about to fix that! Just as she was going to teach Mr. David Sullivan, workaholic, how to loosen up and have fun.Problem was that she was the one having too much fun. She and David together? Like marriage? Nah. Surely, they were both too smart for that...maybe.Marriage Makers-Three bumbling matchmakers mess with matrimony!

Too Stubborn To Marry

by Cathie Linz

"Cathie Linz...a shining star of the romance genre."-Susan Elizabeth PhillipsBland and beige!Where was the woman Deputy U.S. Marshal Ryan Knight had once loved? Courtney Delaney had become...beige! Now she wanted a husband and 2.4 children. Gone was her spontaneity, her desire for excitement-and her desire for Ryan. Courtney was his only lead in an important federal case. Soon Ryan was itching to unleash the passionate woman behind the restrained exterior.Courtney liked bland...and the boring man she was dating. At least her heart was safe. But too soon Ryan was stirring old feelings and Courtney was falling in love. Ryan, however, was going to need a little help getting her to say "I do."Marriage Makers-Three bumbling matchmakers mess with matrimony!

A Wife in Time

by Cathie Linz

Make-Believe MarriageGetting stuck solving a century-old murder mystery before it happened wasn't Susannah Hall's idea of a good time-especially since she was posing as Kane Wilder's blushing bride! Somehow, she and the infuriating man had both been transported back in time, and now they were sharing more than a marriage bed....Sharing tiny quarters with all six feet of exasperating-but-gorgeous Kane was getting on Susannah's nerves-and giving her sweaty palms and heart palpitations. Especially since Susannah had old-fashioned values, and Kane was obviously wrestling with old-fashioned lust....

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