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Bride on the Loose & Married after Breakfast

by Renee Roszel Colleen Collins

In "Bride on the Loose" by Roszel, a woman tries to break with her past and becomes smitten with a virile veterinarian. In Collins' "Married After Breakfast, " sexual sparks sizzle between a millionaire communications tycoon and an impulsive, flamboyant showgirl.

Building a Bad Boy

by Colleen Collins

Her own custom-made bad boyWhen Kimberly Logan makes men over to find their mates, she knows the type of guy women want. However, Nigel Durand, an all-around beautiful hunk of man, might be her toughest client yet. He's got the droolworthy look, but his nice-guy personality and sweet ways make him too available. Looks as if she's in for a lot of hands-on coaching.Too bad the more she has her hands on him, the more tempted she is. And when he throws himself into being "Nicky," his charming and sexy alter ego, Kimberly can't resisL.especially when he delivers steamy kisses and whispered promises. After hitting the sheets with him, she knows this is one bad boy she's not letting go!

Harlequin Superromance December 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Linda Warren Colleen Collins Cathryn Parry

Harlequin Superromance brings you three new novels for one great price, available now! Experience powerful relationships that deliver a strong emotional punch and a guaranteed happily ever after. This Harlequin Superromance bundle includes A Texas Child by Linda Warren, Sleepless in Las Vegas by Colleen Collins and The Sweetest Hours by Cathryn Parry.Enjoy more story and more romance from Harlequin Superromance with 6 new novels every month!

Harlequin Superromance July 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Janice Kay Johnson Colleen Collins Anna Sugden

Harlequin Superromance brings you three new novels for one great price, available now! Experience powerful relationships that deliver a strong emotional punch and a guaranteed happily ever after. This Harlequin Superromance bundle includes Cop by Her Side by USA TODAY bestselling author Janice Kay Johnson, Hearts in Vegas by Colleen Collins and A Perfect Trade by Anna Sugden.Enjoy more story and more romance from Harlequin Superromance with 6 new novels every month!

Hearts in Vegas

by Colleen Collins

"You're not going into this alone." P.I. Frances Jefferies is the perfect person to slip into Las Vegas's underworld to recover a priceless necklace. With her elite investigative skills, not to mention her jewel-thief past, she knows she can get the job done. That is, until a sexy stranger gets in her way. Braxton Morgan's past is as secretive as her own. There's so much about this man she wants to discover-but not at the cost of her case. For that, she must stay focused. Then Braxton suggests adding his security expertise to catch the criminal. And suddenly they're mixing smarts with danger and a whole lot of passion!

In Bed with the Wild One & In Bed with the Pirate

by Colleen Collins Julie Kistler

At this B&B there are beds-and bachelors-galore! In Ben With The Wild One Corporate lawyer Emily Chaplin's life was boring-with a capital B! Until the day she got caught up in a mystery and met the wildest, sexiest man of her life-Tyler O'Toole. Suddenly Emily craved the daily excitement of hunting down the bad guys with outrageous Tyler. Why, she even got a tattoo and bought some sexy red lingerie just for fun! Now Emily was ready for her next adventure...doing the wild thing with the Wild One! In Bed With The Pirate Bed-and-breakfast owner Kate Corrigan had always been fascinated (all right, make that a little obsessed) with pirates. But lately, one man had blazed his way into her secret pirate fantasies-her neighbor Toby Mancini. But that didn't make sense-Toby was uptight, conservative and very, very proper. Still, a girl could dream, couldn't she? Only, Kate would never have dreamed her fantasy man would show up on her doorstep-sexy, swashbuckling...snf in hid underwear!

It's a Wonderful Christmas

by Jasmine Cresswell Kathleen Long Colleen Collins

In Charles Dickens Brentwood's profit-driven life, there is no time for sentimentality. There's no room for family, friends or even the only woman he's ever loved. But when Christmas Eve visitations of holidays past and future show him the life he could have, will Charles change his ways and make this An American Carol his ancestor would be proud of?Down-on-her-luck Stella Gray is about to lose her apartment and her business. The last thing she needs is temporary custody of a troubled boy and the distraction of his well-meaning--and attractive--lawyer, Victor Lancaster. But with Kris Kringle's help and a little Miracle on Bannock Street, this unlikely trio might actually form a family.


by Colleen Collins

SHE'S HAVING THE RIDE OF HER LIFE...Corinne McCourt is starting over...the right way! After discovering her fiance with another woman, she's determined to be more daring, And what better way to begin than by swiping her fiance's precious Ferrari and hitting the open road....BUT WHO'D HAVE GUESSED THERE'D BE SO MANY DETOURS?Corinne's first stop-Las Vegas. There, she'll get lessons from the best-her wild child cousin, Sandee. Only, Corinne never dreams she'll end up masquerading as her bombshell cousin-a cousin who is wanted by the law! Still, after checking out seriously sexy Detective Leo Wolfman, Corinne has a feeling that having a cop on her tail-and in her bed-will be the best ride of all...

Let It Bree & Can't Buy Me Louie

by Colleen Collins

It's been a hard day's night on the lam! Let It Bree by Colleen Collins Kirk Dunmore has suddenly found himself in times of trouble! When he stops to help a stranded Bree Brown, he winds up being chased by bad guys who are after Bree's pet bull?! And while they've been making their evasive maneuvers, he's managed to fall in love with Bree. So now he has to find the words of wisdom to convince her there's plenty of room for her-and her pet-in his life.Can't Buy Me Louie by Colleen Collins Former bad guy Louie Ragazzi is dark, sexy and a little dangerous-and Alicia Hansen is just a little in love. She's determined to help him get over his "I'm a one-man show" thing. Shouldn't take much because, well, look at her! She's got it all, including the cash. Louie doesn't seem to care too much for the money, but after spending a few steamy days with her while they outrun his past, he does seem to be considering a partnership....

Lightning Strikes

by Colleen Collins

THE RIGHT BEDThe first time Blaine Saunders spies the antique brass bed, she has to have it. Practical in every other way, she's suddenly discovered a weakness for sensuous beds where dreams come true.THE WRONG ADDRESSBut the chances of her beautiful bed being delivered to the wrong address twice are about the same as lightning striking twice. Who knew that could happen? Tracking down the elusive bed is exhausting. So when she finally finds it in a stranger's apartment, she's sure no one will notice if she has a quick nap....THE RIGHT MAN!Where is his bed? When Donovan Roy arrives home late one night, the last thing he expects to find is a different bed...complete with a sleeping beauty! And in a white-hot flash of shared passion, he knows he'll do anything to keep her...and the bed.

The Love Police & Rough and Rugged

by Liz Ireland Colleen Collins

THE LOVE the name of loveTricia "Pudgy Pat" Peterson has returned to her hometown in a blaze of glory! Only now she's not so pudgy and is about to marry a gorgeous, Beverly Hills dentist. It's a dream come true for the duckling-turned-swan. That is, if her best friend's interfering brother doesn't mess things up. The hunky cop is determined to interfere with her walk down the aisle! And Tricia, who realizes that she's not completely over her teenage crush, is tempted to let him....ROUGH AND RUGGEDLiney Reed's recipe for a Rugged Man:1 tsp bad-boy1 sprinkle of dark and sexy1 c dreamyBring to a rapid boil. Let simmer for three or four days over heated glances. Serves one sexually-primed female executive.When L.A. executive Liney "Dragon Lady" Reed hires Harley-riding, macho Raven Doyle to be her "rugged man" model for the cover of Cooking Fantasies magazine, she has no idea just how rugged-or how hot-her fantasies will get. Talk about cooking!

Men at Work

by Cindi Myers Karen Kendall Colleen Collins

'Through the Roof' by Karen Kendall When socialite Marina Reston's fiance loses his business, his pride will not let her support him. But she's not going to take it lying down--unless that's the best way to get back her man! 'Taking His Measure' by Cindi MyersSamantha Delaney is a lucky calendar photographer. Then her teenage crush, gorgeous Josh Kittredge, strolls into her studio-- all grown up. Her fantasies have suddenly turned X-rated. 'Watching It Go Up' by Colleen CollinsTough P. I. Gina Keys is assigned to follow a suspected thief--a breathtakingly hot 'skywalker' who fearlessly works on tall buildings. His presence makes her pulse rate soar--especially when they get busy several stories up.

The Next Right Thing

by Colleen Collins

The next right thing is the only choiceCammie Copello gets results-even if it means stretching the rules. That's what makes her a great private investigator. It's also what caused the little breach between her and attorney Marc Hamilton. It's too bad, because they made a great team. And, honestly, her career hasn't been the same since.So imagine her surprise when Marc shows up begging for her help with a personal case. When he turns on the charm...well, she can't refuse. But she can keep her attraction to Marc a secret-regardless of how tempting he is. Her intentions are put to the test, however, when he proves that the attraction is not one-sided!

One-Click Buy: October Harlequin Blaze

by Carrie Alexander Debbi Rawlins Kate Hoffmann Jule Mcbride Karen Foley Colleen Collins

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all October Harlequin Blaze with one click!These six sexy stories will sweep you off your feet. . . and into the bedroom! Bundle includes If He Only Knew. . . by Debbi Rawlins, My Front Page Scandal by Carrie Alexander, Flyboy by Karen Foley, Shock Waves by Colleen Collins, Cold Case, Hot Bodies by Jule McBride, and For Lust or Money by Kate Hoffmann.

Right Chapel, Wrong Couple

by Colleen Collins

As Drake Hogan watched his good friend tie the knot, he was thrilled to be the best man and not the groom. Drake was determinedly happy as a single guy--until beautiful, free-spirited Lulu Lewis burst into his life.

Right Chest, Wrong Name

by Colleen Collins

Let's Celebrate!Russell Harrington used to be a mild-mannered English professor. He's always followed the rules-even his engagement to a proper, nice woman was considered appropriate. Until...THE BACHELOR PARTY!He ended up riding off into the night on the back of a motorcycle with the woman of his fantasies. Elizabeth Rose, with her blazing red hair, smokey voice and body that could stop a man in his tracks, quoted poetry, told him her dreams and...LEFT HIM A MARKED MAN. HER MAN.He could remove the heart tattoo from his chest. But could he ever remove Liz from his heart?

A Scent of Seduction

by Colleen Collins

Kathryn Walters may once have been a career-obsessed book editor with a libido that fell asleep in the time-out corner, but no more. Ever since she and Coyote Sullivan-sports editor and Native American hottie-shared a sniff of a supposed lust potion, things have really heated up. So much so that she's abandoned her nightly fantasies in favor of a much steamier reality. But are the fireworks the real deal?Or is this fling the result of the potion? And if the stuff isn't fake, what do they do when the bottle runs dry?

She's Got Mail & Forget Me? Not

by Darlene Gardner Colleen Collins

She's Got Mail! by Colleen Collins Good things come in big packages... Ambitious editorial assistant Rosie Myers is finally getting her big break. When the writer of a Real Men column runs away with a stripper, Rosie is given the assignment. There's only one catch-she has to write like a guy. No problem...until she starts receiving letter from sexy lawyer Ben Taylor. He thinks he needs a man-to-man talk, but Rosie knows what he really needs is a woman.... Forget Me? Not by Darlene Gardner Forget Me...Never Straitlaced, by-the-book Amanda Baldwin is at loose ends. Het longtime fiancé has just dumped her! What's Amanda to do? Easy...let the most charismatic, hunky bach guy-namely Zach Castell-show her the wild side of life. Zach is irrepressible, unpredictable and uncommited-he thinks marriage is a state of unhappily ever after. He just wants to help Amanda forget about her fiancé, but after a few close encounters, will he want the job? And will Amanda approve the change?

Shock Waves

by Colleen Collins

It's time to indulge a few fantasies. Running into her teenage crush reignites all of Ellie Rockwell's youthful dreams. One look at the gorgeous, grown-up version of Bill Romero makes those images strictly adult entertainment. And his enthusiastic greeting turns her week of R&R into smokin'-hot fun. As sizzling as their nights are, she knows it can't last. She's temporarily disguised her real goth self and suspects Bill's not up for that revelation. But is she underestimating him? When confronted with the true Ellie, his seductive response suggests her steamy fantasies could last forever.

Sleepless in Las Vegas

by Colleen Collins

This investigation is getting very personal P.I.-in-training Valerie LeRoy is dying to get into the field. So when a client asks her to spy on someone, the thrill of her own case is too tempting to refuse. Instead of a cheating fiancée, however, Val's actually checking out P.I. Drake Morgan! Worse, she ends up working with the guy. Their differing opinions on techniques-and the instant attraction-make the sparks fly. It's almost impossible to focus on their arson investigation. As the hunt for the truth intensifies and their passion rivals the triple-digit temperature, she and Drake learn why Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps....

Sweet Talkin' Guy

by Colleen Collins

A honeymoon hotel...Daphne Remington's fate as the perfect socialite is practically sealed. But before giving in to la vie en beige and a matronly string of pearls, she's determined to have one last bit of fun. Only, her fling could be a bust when the hotel she hits has no vacancy...until a guy with charm to spare offers to share his room. Looks as if her adventure just got a little more interesting!...and a supernatural attraction Reporter Andy Branigan has a way with words and a suite he's more than happy to share with the sexy adventuress. Funny, before Daphne arrived, he hadn't noticed the hotel's seductive atmosphere. Now it's as if someone is putting sensual ideas in his head. And all he can think about is how to convince Daphne to share more than the suite!


by Colleen Collins

WHEN IT'S THIS HOT...Robin Lee is a woman of few words so she lets her actions stand for themselves. And when Johnny Dayton-her bad-boy crush from childhood-appears in her life, she shows him how happy she is to see him. But Johnny's hiding something from her. Suddenly she wishes she knew how to ask him what that is before this steamy encounter involves her heart.NO WORDS ARE NEEDED!The last thing Johnny was looking for when he i walked into the diner was the hottest kiss he's ever had. And after those earth-shattering moments, he's not letting Robin out of his life again. Problem is, Johnny's no longer the man Robin thinks he is. So he has to do some fast talking to convince her he's worthy of more of her sexy embraces.

Too Close for Comfort

by Colleen Collins

WHEN IT'S THIS CLOSE...Jeffrey Bradshaw's wellordered life has just taken a detour. Instead of being in L.A. making the pitch of his career, he's stuck in Alaska with a feisty bush pilot. Seductive, independent Cyd Thompson has him so captivated, he's not even thinking about his career. All Jeffrey can focus on is the snow-melting heat he and Cyd create. He'll let his newly discovered twin handle L.A. until he's gotten Cyd out of his system.MAYBE THE ONLY THING TO DO IS GET CLOSER!Cyd wants Jeffrey...she just doesn't want him here. His big-city plans are bound to destroy the Alaska she loves. So she'll do anything she can to distract him from finalizing his business. And if that means seducing the guy...well, she'll do that. But she doesn't count on falling for Jeffrey's intoxicating kisses.So what else can Cyd do but convince him that in the Arctic, there's no such thing as getting too close for comfort?

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