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by Sharon Sala Janis Reams Hudson Debra Cowan

Penance by New York Times bestselling author Sharon Sala: After being shot, Nicole Masters's penance for cheating death dictates that she must help others--even if it means putting herself in danger. Now she and Detective Dominic Tucci-- a neighbor determined to make Nicole accept her new gift-- team up to rescue an innocent child before time runs out. . . . After the Lightning by Janis Reams Hudson: Hailey Cameron fears she's fried more than a few brain cells after she's struck by lightning and begins hearing voices. Experience has made former police detective Aaron Trent more accepting of this newfound ability than Hailey is. Especially since her gift might help him stop an underground child-smuggling ring. But has fate brought them together for another reason as well? Seeing Red by Debra Cowan: A near-death experience has firefighter Cass Holister witnessing fires before they happen. But it's proving harder to deal with Ben Wyrick--a man she once walked away from who is now investigating the blazes--than it is to handle her new talent!

All a Cowboy Wants for Christmas

by Debra Cowan Judith Stacy Lauri Robinson

Waiting for Christmas by Judith StacyMarlee Carrington has never had a place to call home.Arriving in Harmony, Texas, she is thrown together with Scrooge-like Carson Tate. Amazingly, he reveals a seductive sense of fun-and Marlee begins to hope that Christmas has finally arrived!His Christmas Wish by Lauri RobinsonMorgan and Cora Palmer are married on paper, but in reality they're like strangers. Taciturn rancher Morgan's demons have barricaded his heart against his wife's love. Until a kiss ignites the fire between them....Once Upon A Frontier Christmas by Debra CowanPresumed dead, rancher Smith Jennings returns home and will do whatever it takes to claim the woman he loves. But Caroline Curtis isn't the same woman he left behind....

Burning Love

by Debra Cowan

From the desk of Terra AugustInvestigating the death of former fire investigator Harris Vaughn-my mentor and friend-has been tough, especially since we'd had dinner together only hours before his murder. There are a lot of suspects, which means I'm forced to spend time with cynical Jack Spencer-oh, what a hardship!-a ruggedly handsome, by-the-book detective with sad eyes and a sexy smile he rarely shows while he's working on Harris's murder. Meanwhile, I'm tracking a serial arsonist.The really strange thing is, I've gotten flowers after every fire. Could my secret admirer be a killer...and could the man I've begun falling for be the next target?

The Cowboy's Reluctant Bride

by Debra Cowan

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE... If there's one thing Ivy Powell hates it's accepting help! But after receiving menacing threats she's left with no choice but to make a proposition to a ruggedly handsome cowboy. The only problem is Ivy's first marriage destroyed her trust in men, and walking down the aisle again isn't something she'll undertake lightly.... When Gideon Black is asked to protect Ivy, he knows he can't refuse his friend's request. And yet she makes him desire things he never even knew he wanted! But Gideon has hidden his dark past from Ivy. When the truth comes to light, will their hasty marriage vows be enough to keep them together?

Dare To Remember

by Debra Cowan

Some things a woman never forgets.... AFRAID TO REMEMBER The crime Devon Landry had witnessed was so terrible that the very memory had retreated into the shadows of her mind. And it had made her do something even more painful--walk away from the man she planned to marry. But now her memory was returning, threatening her peace of mind--and her life. And the only person who could keep her alive long enough to testify against the killers stalking her was the man she'd left so long ago--Detective Mace Garrett. She had somehow found the courage to face the past. But did she have the courage to face the truth: that she'd never stopped loving this man?

The Forbidden Bride

by Debra Cowan

"We have some unfinished business."Jilted. Betrayed. Hurt. Detective Robin Daly would never forget what being left at the altar felt like. Nor would she forget the part Nate Houston had played in it all. One word from him had caused everything to crumble: her wedding, her trust in men...and the respect she'd once had for him.A string of arson-murders brings fire marshal Nate Houston back to Presley, Oklahoma--and back into Robin's life. To end the crime spree, he and Robin must work together. But to handle the desire between them, they must settle the past....

Happily Ever After in the West

by Debra Cowan Judith Stacy Lynna Banning

Three couples find love and happiness in the west Whirlwind Redemption by Debra Cowan When a bullet left Quentin Prescott's spine and spirit shattered, he broke up with first love Zoe Keeler so he wouldn't be a burden. Now Zoe must burden him. She needs a fake fiancé to get her inheritance. Could this be Quentin's chance for redemption? The Maverick and Miss Prim by Lynna Banning Schoolteacher Eleanora Stevenson and her pupils are heading for safety after a renegade Indian attack when they stumble into the camp of gruff, trail-roughened Matt Johnson. From the glint in his eye and her body's tingling response, Eleanora suspects the trouble's just beginning.... Texas Cinderella by Judith Stacy Knowing she'll never tie the knot herself, Molly Douglas is content organizing other people's ceremonies. Adam Crawford is planning a wedding-for his brother-but Molly makes such an impression, he's seriously thinking about having one himself!

Harlequin Historical March 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Debra Cowan Anne Herries Blythe Gifford

This Harlequin Historical bundle includes The Cowboy's Reluctant Bride by Debra Cowan, Secrets at Court by Blythe Gifford and The Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride by Anne Herries.<P> THE COWBOY'S RELUCTANT BRIDE: If there's one thing Ivy Powell hates it's accepting help! But after receiving menacing threats she's left with no choice but to make a proposition to a ruggedly handsome cowboy. The only problem is Ivy's first marriage destroyed her trust in men, and walking down the aisle again isn't something she'll undertake lightly.... When Gideon Black is asked to protect Ivy, he knows he can't refuse his friend's request. And yet she makes him desire things he never even knew he wanted! But Gideon has hidden his dark past from Ivy... SECRETS AT COURT: Anne of Stamford has long been the keeper of her mistress's secrets, but when Lady Joan marries the king's son, court life becomes ever more perilous. Sir Nicholas Lovayne has arrived to uncover the truth about Lady Joan's past, and Anne must do something--anything--to throw him off.... Longing to escape the intrigues at court, Nicholas hasn't counted on the way Anne distracts him--her refusal to accept pity for her clubfoot touches something deep inside him. Will he be able to follow his duty when every fiber of his being tells him to protect Anne? <P> THE REBEL CAPTAIN'S ROYALIST BRIDE: Orphaned and without protection, Babette Harvey must suffer in silence when her uncle gives shelter to a band of Rebels--though her Royalist blood boils! But other dangerous passions must also be quieted--including those aroused by the handsome and commanding Rebel leader Captain James Colby. When Babette's talent for herbal medicine attracts suspicions of witchcraft, she has nowhere to turn save to Colby--her honorable enemy. And with the captain determined to claim her as his bride, Babette must choose which to betray--her principles or her heart.

Love Inspired Suspense May 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Debra Cowan Susan Sleeman Mary Ellen Porter

More of the suspense you love--now Love Inspired Suspense brings you six new titles, in two convenient box sets! Enjoy these contemporary heart-pounding tales of suspense, romance, hope and faith. This Love Inspired Suspense box set includes Explosive Alliance by Susan Sleeman, Witness Undercover by Debra Cowan and Into Thin Air by Mary Ellen Porter.Look for 6 new inspirational suspense stories every month from Love Inspired Suspense!

The Marshal and Miss Merritt

by Debra Cowan

Sheriff Bowie Cahill is a man on a mission. Investigating rumors about his parents' death, he won't even let his pretty landlady get between him and the truth. Widow Merritt Dixon knows what it's like to be the wife of a lawman...always coming second. She might need Bowie's protection, and she can't deny it feels good, but she's determined this time she'll stand on her own two feet! When the line between family and justice is blurred, Bowie and Merritt must decide which comes first-the law or love?

Melting Point

by Debra Cowan

Collier McClain narrowly escaped being killed by the bullet that took a fellow firefighter's life. One of the first cops at the scene was Blaze, a woman who ignited the kind of heat that could sear a man's soul. With a fourth firefighter down, Detective Kiley Russell was in dire need of backup. Someone used to being in the line of fire. Someone like Collier McClain, a man she'd been trying to forget since they shared a bone-melting dance that made her burn for more. Now they were partners in a murder investigation, where the greatest danger came from their sizzling attraction....

One Silent Night

by Debra Cowan

A NIGHT OF PASSIONShe'd come back to him. That was police detective Sam Garrett's first thought. For over a year he'd denied that U.S. Marshal Dallas Kittridge was more to him than his best friend's widow. More than a beautiful woman who'd turned to him in sorrow, and whose touch had erupted into a passion he couldn't forget-or speak about.Now the warmth of the Christmas season contrasted sharply with the case they were racing to solve. Because Dallas had returned to find the killer of a protected witness, not to fight for a future with Sam. But as the case got hotter, so did their desires. And then they broke their silence....Love in the line of duty.

The Private Bodyguard

by Debra Cowan

"Won't marriage interfere with your being dead?"Dr. Meredith Boren goes to her lake house to box up her past--a past that included her dead ex-fiancé, Gage Parrish. But in the middle of the night she finds the handsome fire investigator, very much alive, wounded and bleeding at her kitchen sink. Now as they search for a vengeful arsonist, Gage risks his life again to protect the woman he still loves. And although Meredith is tempted to give herself over, body and soul, it'll take more than Gage returning from the dead for her to trust him again. . . .

The Rescue Of Jenna West

by Debra Cowan

15th AnniversaryCelebrating fifteen years of romanceSilhouette INTIMATE MOMENTSNEVER GET INVOLVED WITH A PATIENTThat was Dr. Linc Garret's motto. But Jenna West wasn't just another patient. She'd once saved him-and now he had the chance to rescue the vulnerable woman from the danger shadowing her every move....NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH A MANThat was Jenna's motto. But even her independent spirit admitted she needed Linc's help. Soon, though, Jenna discovered that his tenderness and protection made her feel again-and his touch made her long to caress him in return. Maybe something wonderful would come out of this ordeal after all....

Still the One

by Debra Cowan

The woman standing in Rafe Blackstock's office was beautiful-unforgettably beautiful-and desperate for his help. But this wasn't just another client who needed a private investigator. This was the only woman he'd ever loved-the one who'd walked away from him without a backward glance, so many years ago....Kit Foley's troubled younger sister was missing, and she was willing to do anything to find her-even turn to the man she'd spent such a long time trying to forget. But their search for answers was proving to be even more dangerous than she'd feared-because it meant facing the truth of a love that had never died....

The Vigilante Lover

by Debra Cowan

Firefighter Walker McClain was, hands-down, The sexiest, most affecting suspect that undercover investigator Jen Lawson had ever been assigned. But she hadn't come to Station Three to fall into bed with McClain. She was there to find out if he was a dangerous vigilante--the Payback Killer. Walker knew better than to get involved with his new SWAT partner. But she awakened feelings he thought had long since turned to ash after his wife's brutal murder. And as their attraction heated up, So did the killer's deadly plan. The question was, just how deep did Walker's obsession with justice go?

Whirlwind Baby

by Debra Cowan

Jake Ross's life changes in a day when he finds a baby on his doorstep! Then he's thrown into a spin by the quiet beauty who hires on to look after his unexpected delivery. On the wild Texas frontier, everyone has something to hide--and Emma York is no exception. Jake can see that she has secrets, but the sexy rancher's sure he can take care of her. . . if he can only find out what she needs protection from! When her past shows up in Whirlwind, guns blazing, Emma must learn a hard lesson. Can she trust Jake. . . and trust her own heart?

Whirlwind Bride

by Debra Cowan

COULD A HOTHOUSE FLOWER BLOOM UNDER BURNING TEXAS SKIES?Riley Holt didn't think so. Susannah Phelps was fair, fragile...and wholly unsuited for frontier life. And being pregnant didn't help matters. What she needed was a ticket back east-or at least someone to protect her. And damned if fate didn't keep volunteering him for the job!If Riley Holt didn't want to marry her, at least he could believe in her, Susannah fumed. Running a charm school in the Wild West proved she could survive and make a place for herself out here, away from scandal. Now, if only she could stop wishing that place were at his side!

Whirlwind Cowboy

by Debra Cowan

When the woman he loved vanished without so much as a farewell, cowboy Bram Ross vowed to harden his heart. He doesn't want to trust beautiful Deborah Blue again-and she's now suspected of being an accomplice to a treacherous outlaw.Yet trauma has erased Deborah's memory of not just her supposed misdeeds, but also her passionate past with Bram. As the murky truth about Deborah's disappearance unravels, Bram must protect her-by keeping her very close....

Whirlwind Groom

by Debra Cowan

JOSIE WEBSTER WAS NOT A BORN KILLER...But her thirst for justice could make her one. The outlaw who'd murdered her parents and fiancé had gotten off scot-free. And now the only thing standing between her and vengeance fulfilled was Sheriff Davis Lee Holt, who held her quarry prisoner...and completely captured her heart!A woman with secrets needed watching, and lawman Davis Lee Holt intended to watch Josie Webster like a hawk. Why would a seamstress need shooting lessons? Or be curious about the jail? But after nursing her for a near-deadly snakebite, he faced a much more compelling problem: he loved a woman he couldn't trust!

Whirlwind Reunion

by Debra Cowan

Seven years ago Matt Baldwin's ladylove rejected him, leaving town with his hopes and dreams. He vowed never to be a one-woman man again. But now he's about to cross paths with his beautiful heart stealer. . . ;. Dr. Annalise Fine is glad to be back in Whirlwind, but she has no intention of mending fences with the sexy cowboy who branded her a liar-until she finds him beaten up in her clinic. She'll clean his wounds, but it'll take more than a bandage to fix their shattered bond. . . ;.

Whirlwind Secrets

by Debra Cowan

Handsome rancher and hotel owner Russ Baldwin has learned from harsh experience to look twice at people. He'll never let a woman cheat him again. So when his business partner, Miss Lydia Kent, moves into town, Russ goes on alert. . . . Russ's dark, watchful eyes rattle Lydia. She must keep her noble, yet underground, activities--and her emotions--tightly under wraps. But it doesn't take long before Russ realizes his curvy, sweet-talkin' co-owner has hidden depths. . . and he's determined to uncover them!

Whirlwind Wedding

by Debra Cowan

HE'D NEARLY BLED TO DEATH ON HER DOORSTEPCatherine Donnelly had come to Whirlwind to care for her rebellious brother. Not to rescue the very man who doubted her sibling's innocence! But as the Texas Ranger recovered in her bed, she was forced to admit that Jericho Blue might be the one man who could save her. And make her the woman she yearned to be!HAD THIS ANGEL OF MERCY DANCED WITH THE DEVIL?Jericho prayed that Catherine had nothing to do with the murderous ambush. For once he'd apprehended the culprits, Jericho knew the only way to satisfy the fierce passion Catherine aroused in him-would be to make the innocent temptress his wife!

Witness Undercover

by Debra Cowan

IN SAFE KEEPING Laura Prentiss will do whatever it takes to save her father-even come out of witness protection. Ever since turning in evidence that put her dangerous ex behind bars, she's had a killer on her trail. It'll take someone extraordinary to keep her safe now-someone like former navy SEAL Griffin Devaney. Griffin blames himself for the ambush that took his teammates' lives, and he's determined that nothing will ever happen to someone under his protection again. But as the connection between Griffin and Laura grows, so do the threats against them. Griffin will put everything at stake for a future with Laura-if they survive long enough to have one.

Showing 1 through 24 of 24 results


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