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Harlequin Special Edition July 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Rachel Lee Gina Wilkins Lynne Marshall

Harlequin Special Edition brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from July 1 to July 31! These are heartwarming, romantic stories about life, love and family. This Harlequin Special Edition bundle includes The Widow of Conard County by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Lee, A Match for the Single Dad by Gina Wilkins and The Medic's Homecoming by Lynne Marshall.Look for 6 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin Special Edition!

Harlequin Special Edition March 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Marie Ferrarella Gina Wilkins Michelle Major

These are heartwarming, romantic stories about life, love and family. This Harlequin Special Edition bundle includes Lassoed by Fortune by Marie Ferrarella, A Proposal at the Wedding by Gina Wilkins and Her Accidental Engagement by Michelle Major.<P> LASSOED: Liam "Fortune" Jones knows exactly who and what he is: the son of Deke Jones, born and bred in Horseback Hollow. He is an old-fashioned cowboy, committed to tradition and used to getting his own way. And he won't change for anyone--not even for the sassy aspiring chef who's been tormenting his dreams.... Julia Tierney holds the distinction of being the only woman who ever turned Liam down. She's an independent lady with dreams way bigger than their rustic hometown. Every time she runs into that bullheaded rancher, they bicker. The man makes her nuts! <P> A PROPOSAL AT THE WEDDING: You are cordially the bachelor father of the bride falls for the sweet and single wedding planner! Don't miss the latest installment of Gina Wilkins's new Special Edition miniseries, Bride Mountain! It's the perfect place for a wedding...and Paul Drennan's lovely daughter will make a beautiful bride. But Bride Mountain Inn co-owner Bonnie Carmichael only has eyes for the father of the bride. Too bad she's already married--to the inn itself. Still, if anyone could make her think of her needs, her wants, it's this sexy single dad.... Marrying off his only child, Paul can taste freedom for the first time in two decades. What's not on his agenda is falling for a young woman with commitment for a middle name. The only aisle Paul wants to walk is on the arm of his daughter...until spending time with Bonnie makes him rethink his future plans. After all, the strangest things happen at weddings....<P> HER ACCIDENTAL ENGAGEMENT: When the local police chief comes to a single mom's rescue--with a pretend marriage proposal!--fake sparks become all too real in Michelle Major's newest Special Edition story, Her Accidental Engagement! Julia Morgan is in the midst of a nasty custody battle, trying to prove she provides a stable environment as a single mother for her son, Charlie. When the opposing lawyer starts to play dirty, she has a few tricks up her own that involves the hunky, most eligible bachelor in town. As Brevia's police chief, Sam Callahan is used to saving others, so when he sees a cute, sassy blonde in need of help, he gladly plays hero. Not only will pretending to be her fiancé help Julia's case, it will also get his father off his back about finding "the one." But what happens when pretend doesn't seem so--well--pretend anymore?

Having Adam's Baby

by Christine Rimmer Gina Wilkins Susan Crosby Raeanne Thayne Christyne Butler

There was absolutely nothing wrong with widowed florist Fay Coggen seeking a new lease on life. Just not in Adam Murphy's arms. But the night her late husband's best friend returned from his tour of duty overseas, Fay went from recrimination to tenderness in a heartbeat. When their mutual solace morphed into passion, it was destiny. As was the fact that she was now pregnant with Adam's child.The walls Adam had built around his heart as a soldier came tumbling down when he went calling on Fay. Comforting her was one thing; but it hadn't stopped there. Now he was going to be a father. He'd crossed the line. So why did it feel so right?

A Healing Sympathy

by Gina Wilkins

She'd have called his mouth kissable had it shown the slightest appearance of a smile.

Hearts Under Caution

by Gina Wilkins

One minute Lisa Woodrow is a big city prosecutor, and the next she's back home, deep in the fumes of North Carolina racing culture and trying to keep a low profile. She has no choice. A criminal she helped convict is on the prowl for her, and Wade McClellan, ex-fiancé and best-NASCAR-crew-chief-in-the-business, insists his security is tight and she'll be safer with him. There's no way Lisa will ever go back to being a "sideline cheerleader," but this caring, committed Wade hardly seems to be the same man she left behind. Suddenly, staying beneath the radar in North Carolina doesn't seem to be such a bad idea. . . .

Her Very Own Family

by Gina Wilkins

HER VERY OWN FAMILY?For Brynn Larkin, marriage and babies seemed like a wish upon a star. Until fate landed her in the strong arms of Dr. Joe Allesandro. Too long, Brynn had hungered for happiness...and Joe's tender touch almost had her believing in the power of love. Yet was the dashing M.D.'s promise of forever enough to fill the emptiness of her orphaned heart? Could Brynn leave her lonely past behind and embrace the image of Joe by her side, and their baby in her arms?THAT SPECIAL WOMAN!:She's friend, wife, mother-she's you! And beside each Special Woman stands a wonderfully special man.

His Best Friend's Wife

by Gina Wilkins

He was her late husband's best friend, the man she'd been warned to avoid-the man she'd always found irresistible. Now he was back, unavoidable and attractive as ever.Renae Sanchez, after years of grieving what was not to be, had finally put her life back together again. She had her adorable little twins, her job, her friends. It was enough-it had to be. And then Evan Daugherty walked into her office and into her life once more...making her believe that when it came to love, once-in-a-lifetime might strike twice....

A Home for the M.D.

by Gina Wilkins

Top surgeon Mitch Baker is a catch. Just not for a woman like Jacqui Handy, who wants a real home, a place to belong. Sexy workaholics like Mitch have never been her type. Then she and Mitch become temporary housemates...and the spark between them blazes into a full-on inferno. Despite his strong roots in his Little Rock community, Mitch isn't looking to settle down. Until he becomes captivated by the intriguing beauty who keeps his sister's house running like clockwork. He knows Jacqui's just as attracted to him. So why's she keeping him at arm's length? Mitch will just have to use his most persuasive bedside manner to convince her that home is wherever she is.

The Homecoming

by Gina Wilkins

THE LONG ROAD HOMEBeautiful Jessica Parks spent years under the watchful eye of her hard-hearted father, Walter, never able to trust anyone. But he was about to go on trial, leaving her free to rescue her mother from the Swiss asylum she'd been banished to long ago. Little did Jessica know she was not alone on her fateful journey....Private investigator Sam Fields couldn't believe how his quarry kept him on his toes-both personally and professionally. He couldn't control his attraction nor his desire to protect her, and vowed to help at any cost. But when lovestruck Jessica learned that Sam was working for Walter, would she continue to trust him...or feel the sting of yet another betrayal?

Husband for a Weekend

by Christine Rimmer Gina Wilkins Susan Crosby Raeanne Thayne Christyne Butler

When it comes to marriage, Tate Price is all business. Sure, he'll play along with the charade for a few days, especially for a friend like Kim Banks. How can he say no to her girl-next-door beauty and those attractive whiskey-colored eyes? After all, it's only for a weekend.But what started out as a lark has taken a turn into uncharted territory for Tate. Suddenly this mock marriage to help single-mom Kim get her own mother off her back is starting to feel very right...for both of them. It might just be that this rugged confirmed bachelor is a real family man after all!

I Won't!

by Gina Wilkins

I DoMaddie Carmichael had always been levelheaded. But while on vacation, she'd been swept off her feet by sexy Case Brannigan. Before she knew it, she was standing at the altar, waiting. And waiting....I Don'tCase Brannigan, ex-DEA officer, longed to settle down. So, finding a woman like Maddie was a dream come true. That is, until he was called away on the day of his wedding for one last mission....I Won'tSix months later, Case arrives in town to claim his fiancée. But the Maddie he'd known has disappeared. In her place is a temptress-one who's making it plain she wants nothing to do with him. What happened to the sweet girl he fell in love with? And why is he finding the new Maddie even harder to resist?

In High Gear

by Gina Wilkins

Some secrets aren't ever forgotten. . . Since the early days of NASCAR, the Murphy and Grosso families haven't been exactly friends. In fact, "bitter enemies" might be more accurate, with tales of deception, cheating and even suspected murder. But driver Kent Grosso--who's still hearing about his grandfather's decades-old grudge--has a few closeted skeletons of his own. . . . Professional photographer Tanya Wells thought she knew Kent pretty well, but it turns out Kent's been hiding a few details from her. To make matters worse, Kent's been getting anonymous e-mails from someone who's a little too familiar with the Grosso family history. . . and isn't above a little blackmail! Now the past is coming up fast in Kent's rearview mirror. Question is, can he swerve in time to avoid a deadly collision?

It Could Happen to You

by Gina Wilkins

FROM BUD TO BLOSSOM SHE WAS SCARED OF HER OWN SHADOW! Kim Berry kept her head down, her guard up and always drove under the speed limit-until Zach McCain came roaring into her life. Suddenly Kim's well-ordered world was turned topsy-turvy. The excitement she found in Zach's arms was oh, so tantalizing. But it was all going too fast.... HE WAS ALL MAN AND NOTHING STOOD IN HIS WAY! From the moment Zach had seen Kim, serving pie at the Red Hog Diner, he'd sensed something sassy simmering under her calm exterior. Zach was used to taking risks, and he sure didn't mind taking a chance on someone as pretty as Kim. But could he ever give up his wild ways and settle down? FROM BUD TO BLOSSOM: Through the eyes of love, a plain Jane can become a ugly duckling a lovely swan!

It Takes a Cowboy

by Gina Wilkins

Blair Townsend didn't know the meaning of chaos until her holy terror of a nephew came to live with her. Jeffrey needed a positive role model-and Blair wasn't above buying one at the Lost Springs auction. Sexy-as-sin rancher Scott McKay looks as if he'd have no trouble teaching Jeffrey how to be a man. Except Scott seems far more interested in showing Blair how to be a woman....

It Takes a Hero

by Gina Wilkins

Temptation is delighted to bring you a fun, new miniseriesBACHELOR AUCTIONAnd you're invited...Fifty fabulous heroes are up for sale-Including Bachelor #41Perry GoodmanThis sexy-as-sin bachelor can handle just about anything-until romance author Kristen Cole buys him for "research." She's facing writer's block and a deadline. He's facing a woman he wants...badly. As the sizzling chemistry threatens to overtake them, Kristen's inspired to write faster and faster. Now all she has to do is convince Perry to be her hero...indefinitely.Bachelor Auction: The man of your fantasies is up for sale!

The Littlest Stowaway

by Gina Wilkins

BACHELORS & BABIES-more than a handful!A BABY ON BOARD?Pilot Steve Lockhart thrived on challenges, but now he's in over his head. He'd just achieved his dream of starting up his own charter service, when he'd gone and fallen hopelessly in love with Casey Jansen, the woman of his dreams-and the competition. It looked like they could never get together-until he discovers an abandoned baby girl in his plane....A BACHELOR BAGGED?It's the story of Casey's life-she finally finds a man who can make her toes curl...and he's the enemy. Steve's glances set her on fire, his teasing makes her go weak. And the sexy-as-sin bachelor's tender care of baby Annie is causing Casey to yearn for a "happily-ever-after." But once they find Annie's mother, will Steve take Casey to bed-or put her out of business?

Love Lessons

by Gina Wilkins

Lesson Plan for Love by Professor Catherine Travis 1. Stop spending every waking moment at my lab. 2. Quit finding excuses for my maintenance man to come fix things. (Mike Clancy is young, gorgeous and "way" out of my league. ) 3. Splurge on a new wardrobe. Lab coats aren't very sexy. 4. Help Mike with his night school classes, and ignore what my friends imply about us. (He may have dropped out of college once, but there's definitely more to him than his easygoing personality and incredible body. ) 5. Do things that scare me. Live a little! 6. Tutor Mike without falling head over heels for him. (Am I fooling myself? Is this even possible?)

The M.D. Next Door

by Gina Wilkins

It started with a big yellow puppy scampering into Dr. Meagan Baker's backyard. . . ;followed by her adorable new neighbor, a chatty thirteen-year-old full of information about her very attractive divorced dad, Seth Llewellyn. Oh, no. On medical leave and questioningeverything, Meagan can't fall for a busy attorney juggling work, single parenthood and a naughty dog. After his divorce, Seth promised himself he'd put his daughter first. Adding a relationship to his overscheduled life would be crazy. So he agrees with Meagan-between hour-long kisses-that this chemistry, thisclosenessbetween them, can't go anywhere. But a medical crisis just might make them realize what matters most. . . ;.

Make-Believe Mistletoe

by Gina Wilkins

SINGLE-DAD COWBOY. HE'S A BREED APART[unknown-8230] She'd come for the mustangs, Dallas Donovan told herself. Just a quick visit to Boone Barnett's Nevada ranch. Then her truck's engine seized and she stayed the night in the rugged, off-the-charts sexy Boone's home. Had pizza with his daughter, waited for the mechanic - and woke up to a snowfall keeping her in the reclusive rancher's grasp for another few days. Boone didn't believe in Christmas or miracles or a woman who understood his love for this wild untamed land. Yet now Dallas brought decorations and laughter and joy to his home. But what would happen when the snow melted and Christmas was over[unknown-8230]?

The Man Next Door

by Gina Wilkins

Just when she'd sworn off exciting men. . . Dani Madison was determined to make a fresh start. To cast off her princess persona forever. To be independent fromanyman. Too bad Teague McCauley lived down the hall. Enigmatic FBI agent Teague's closest relationships were with the cases he toiled on day and night. After ending up on the wrong end of an arrest gone awry, the last thing Teague expected was for Dani to nurse him back to health--or awaken feelings in him that he could swear were long gone. But something about his beautiful but distant "friend" was cause for further investigation. . . perhaps even into love?

A Match for the Single Dad

by Gina Wilkins

Two Little MatchmakersSuddenly single dad Garrett McHale is out of his depth! With a busy job as a pilot, he's also raising two daughters by himself. Finding love is beyond his control-until his girls decide their daddy needs a wife! And they know the perfect woman to fill the position....Resort manager Maggie Bell thinks the McHale girls are adorable-and sure, she's noticed their sexy single father a time or two. And yes, sparks fly as Maggie and Garrett begin to spend more time together, until Maggie begins to get an up-close-and-personal look at family life-and the realities of parenting two mischievous little girls. Besides, it doesn't seem likely that stubborn Garrett is willing to risk his heart for love again. His daughters, however, have other ideas....

Matched by Moonlight

by Gina Wilkins

A workaholic wedding planner meets a travel writer, and soon love is in the air at Bride Mountain, Virginia's most exciting venue for destination weddings, in the first book in Gina Wilkins's new miniseries! Kinley Carmichael is on her way to transforming her family's historic B and B into Virginia's most exciting vacation venue. Romance is the last thing on the once-burned wedding planner's mind...until footloose travel writer Dan Phelan shows up, throwing her schedule-and Kinley's guarded heart-into chaos. Dan is just passing through and has no intention of making Bride Mountain Inn his honeymoon destination. So why is Kinley suddenly making him long to take that fateful walk down the aisle? It will take a local legend and a passionate kiss under a bridal moon for two total opposites to realize they could be meant for each other....

A NASCAR Holiday 2

by Ken Casper Pamela Britton Gina Wilkins Abby Gaines

Miracle Season by Pamela BrittonFormer NASCAR driver Mike Morgan didn't believe in miracles-until Maggie Taylor. Now he's entered the biggest race of his life...the one to win her heart!Season of Dreams by Gina WilkinsTom Wyatt's racing year has taken a toll on his romance with Melissa Hampton. But it turns out that love is the real driving force in his life.Taking Control by Ken CasperAidan O'Keefe doesn't like sharing his team with Ellie Satterfield So he's as surprised as she is that he'll do anything to stop her from selling out...even pursue her!The Natural by Abby GainesWhen Danny Cruise appears at her animal clinic, Madison Beale is convinced it's nothing more than a publicity stunt. Until Danny changes her mind with a kiss under the mistletoe.

A Night to Remember

by Gina Wilkins

Opposites attractAndrew Colton Tyler III needed a life. He had a stuffy job, an overbearing family and more social obligations than any sane person would commit to. What's worse, it looked as if the New Year was going to be the same. Then at the stroke of midnight he met Nicole Holiday....Within hours, Nicki had turned Andrew's world upside down. In between picking up strays, stopping armed robberies and loving him within an inch of his life, Nicki gave Andrew a night he'd never forget. But could he keep her once the adventure was over?

The Prince's Secret Baby

by Christine Rimmer Gina Wilkins Susan Crosby Raeanne Thayne Christyne Butler

Only a matter of urgent Bravo family business could bring Prince Rule to America. And he wasn't leaving until he met Sydney O'Shea......who happened to be the mother of Rule's toddler son. Rule didn't expect the firestorm of desire the regal Texas attorney stirred in him. With Montedori law decreeing that he wed or lose everything, the captivated prince came up with the perfect solution. Propose marriage, now. There would be time enough later to tell all...wouldn't there?

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